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Nov 16, 2023
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My Home – Design Dreams MOD APK is a match-3 puzzle simulation game about interior decorating and space upgrading. This is a fun, light game about the subject of house renovation and improvement. Play, learn, and explore your own interests.

My Home - Design Dreams

Introduce about My Home – Design Dreams

Have you ever desired to have your own home built from the ground up? My Home – Design Dreams MOD APK will collaborate with you to design stunning, fully furnished homes. You will be in control of everything as you work to build your own house. Everything from the living area to the bedroom is adorned by your own efforts. The green garden is a great place to unwind and enjoy yourself. Visit many new places with the characters in the game. The rooms are colorful, creating a lovely atmosphere that is very similar to reality. My Home – Design Dreams will assist you in becoming the designer of your dreams.


My Home – Design Dreams MOD APK is a free game on the app for fun. The gameplay is easy but not dull, allowing you to do anything you want. Prepare each room’s interior equipment according to your own preferences. From simple rooms to vivid sparkling rooms, everything imaginable may be built. You can build your own amusement parks, balconies, and cafeterias. Isn’t it interesting? With My Home – Design Dreams, you’ll become a real designer by decorating the space with attractive and comfortable things. Your ideal house won’t be hard to achieve in this game. You may alter the appearance of your home to whatever you desire. It’s also simple: simply touch the screen to perform it. Visit festivals with the characters from the game to have fun. With your friends, visit their homes and participate in many intriguing encounters.

Decorate your own home


The house is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a wealth of amenities. You will be required to furnish your home completely. Players can win items and furniture by competing in tournaments or using their own prize money to purchase goods. Try to complete the challenge in order to obtain items and furniture by participating in events. Using objects given by the game, players may also decorate their rooms. If you want more lovely and opulent things, use the bonus money to acquire them. To get what you like, try obtaining as many bonuses as possible.

How to play

My Home - Design Dreams

Players move through their house and customize it to their liking. To arrange the furniture, simply touch the screen to the items you want to organize. Decorate and alter as much as desired until you’re happy with it. You may use bonuses to acquire them if you finish missions successfully in difficult competitions. To obtain amazing bonuses, complete tasks effectively in tough tournaments.

Challenge tournament

In My Home – Design Dreams, you’ll be expected to compete in a number of rounds. You will see a variety of items while playing this game; your goal is to combine them horizontally or vertically to shatter them. You will earn a bonus when the task is completed. Each challenge will provide you with various tasks to complete, such as breaking barriers…. Your house may be updated and expanded further during each tournament round.
My Home - Design Dreams

Stories with characters

Players may also interact with their friends in the game, communicate, and have a good time. You may also visit your pals’ residences to discover unique designs. They will assist you in not feeling lonely by allowing you to experience lovely houses together. They chat about enjoyable things while having intimate dinners together, and they buy house goods together. In this lighthearted world, join them to enjoy yourself and live a colorful existence in a romantic environment

Thousands of match-3 puzzles

Return to the game in each scene after completing it. You will be given three choices from the game for each particular request. For example, you may need to change the wood background of a room, and the consumer desires pink walls and hardwood flooring, giving you three options for color and material. You will make the best possible option based on your budget, aesthetics, cost, and quality. When picking an item outside of your budget, the system will “invite” you to a match-3 game. You’ll get money once you’ve won. There are a lot of games that utilize this style of match-3, but you’ll only find it in My Home – Design Dreams. It’s not simply a match-3 game; it’s also a match-4, match-5 game. The shapes, colors, and items in the game are constantly changing, with most being influenced by the room you’re decorating. The more you delve into the game, the more varied the form and design of match-3 becomes. You will get a bonus after completing the game. It’s a fun, exciting process to save money for furniture. The higher your level, the more challenging the riddles become. But don’t worry too much. You may replay the puzzle as many times as you like until it is solved. There are no limits to how many times you can try before failing and having to start over again.

The graphics and sound

The game is made up of a variety of materials. From the tiniest items such as hammers, knives, frames to larger things like sofas, beds, walls, background and room, the house is the product of a blend of 3D rendering and real-life photographs. The end result is a lovely, clear, detailed, and realistic image. This game gets an 8 out of 10 compared to the simulation games I’ve played before. Also worth noting is the game’s pleasant, natural hue. When you create a game, the background music is always relaxing, light, and has a slow rhythm to ensure that players can concentrate on every inch and no distractions. However, when playing the minigame, the music is highly vibrant and chaotic, causing emotions to overflow and making them more excited than ever before.
My Home - Design Dreams

Final words

Bring your impossible home dream to reality with My Home – Design Dreams. Create a designer with simple to high-end apartment collections of one bedroom, two bedrooms and more. To make your house the most magnificent and lovely, decorate it with whatever you want. Each design for the house is entirely yours; the property was created by you and fully furnished furnishings were used. To work as a designer for your own home, download My Home – Design Dreams


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