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Have you ever played games like My Talking Hank, My Talking Tom 2, or My Talking Angela? Want to try another more exciting game? Then come to Moy. I am sure that Moy 7 MOD APK will not disappoint you because of its outstanding features. Let’s see what it is!

Introduction about Moy 7

Moy 7 Mod APK is considered a success by the developer Frojo Apps. This is the latest version of the series of virtual pet games. This is the 7th time Moy has appeared and returned to everyone. Although this is the 7th version, its hotness has not decreased because there are still more than 10M+ people who support the game enthusiastically. This number represents the outstanding feature of Moy 7 compared to other games.

Moy is an adorable purple octopus. It is also your online pet in this game. All you have to do is take care and show your love for Moy such as brushing his teeth, bathing him, feeding Moy, exercising, playing games with Moy, many more. The things you do will make Moy happy and I’m sure Moy will be very grateful for it.

Moy 7 MOD APK free download

Highlight Features Of Moy 7 MOD APK

The seventh version of Moy was born and each version has its own distinctive features. The more the version, the more interesting features that players cannot ignore. Especially to mention the outstanding advantages of this Mod. This version will bring you a more lively and interesting feeling:

The gameplay

Moy is a baby and cute octopus. The purple octopus was caught by a stork from the sea and land. Going through a difficult time, Moy was unable to take good care of herself. Moy desperately needs you to help him have a new life, meet friends. treat Moy like a child. You will feed him, sleep and take him out. But don’t worry, because Moy 7 MOD APK has all the tools to help you do it easily. In the game store, there are all MOY’s favorite foods such as hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, hotdogs, and fruits, etc.

Of course, not every type of food has the same price. If you want Moy to have more delicious food as well as Moy’s needs to be higher, you must have more money. After a day of activity, Moy can run out of energy. And you are the one who recharges MOY by letting him sleep soundly.

85 different games

The activities in the game will not be limited. Moy 7 MOD APK currently has 85 activities for you to choose from. What’s more, mini-games are divided into 4 different genres:casual, arcade, racing, and puzzle games. You can also develop your skills through creative activities such as piano, drums, guitar, painting, etc. Maybe you will enjoy managing a zoo, growing flowers, or even building a role as a doctor to save the patients. That means you also have more chances to collect coins.

Moy 7 MOD APK techtodown

Feel free to choose new activities in the MOD version

The amount you get after playing these games may not be small. From that money, you can change the appearance and appearance of your Moy such as clothes, body-color, hairstyle, even beard for it. You can change Moy’s life in a positive way by decorating your house, buying an aquarium, or maybe buying more animals for your zoo.

Interaction with the environment

This is a big change in this version of Moy 7 MOD APK with the user interface, your interaction with the rooms that Moy stays in. The interactive environment is greatly expanded and developed as you experience this version. You can clearly feel the liveliness and excitement in the character much more than in the previous version.

Unlimited money

With this characteristic feature of the MOD version, you do not need to force yourself to play too much or go through many rounds to get money at all costs. Enjoy shopping, equipment to serve your Moy with unlimited money.

Interface and sound issue

Coming to this latest version, you no longer have to worry about account suspension issues or bad in-game sound quality. From the player interface to all the annoying problems are solved.

Moy 7 MOD APK for android

Is download Moy 7 MOD APK easy on Android devices?

Here are some useful instructions for those who download this game for the first time or who have problems downloading the game to play.

  • Step 1: To download this game on your device, you should download the APK and OBB files firstly.
  • Step 2: After that, you open Settings => Security and tap on the Unknown Sources.
  • Step 3: Next, install Moy 7 MOD APK on your device.
  • Step 4: After successful installation, let’s help a baby MOY!

If you are an animal lover, take care of the cute octopus in Moy 7 MOD APK. Surely Moy will be very happy and grateful for your care. Download the game and show your love to Moy right now!


Is Moy 7 MOD APK free to download?

Yes, you can download Moy 7 MOD APK for free on your Android device.

Does Moy 7 Mod APK require an internet connection to play?

No, this game does not require an internet connection to play.

Can I customize my Moy in the game?

Yes, you can change the appearance and appearance of your Moy by using the money you earn from playing games.

Are there any in-app purchases in Moy 7 MOD APK?

No, this is a modified version of the game so all in-app purchases are free.

Is Moy 7 MOD APK safe for my device?

Yes, this game is safe to download and play on your Android device. However, it is always recommended to download games from trusted sources to avoid any potential risks.


Moy 7 MOD APK is a fun and cute game that allows players to take care of their own virtual pet octopus. With its various activities, mini-games, and customization options, this game provides endless entertainment for players of all ages. Download it now for free and join the colorful world of Moy!



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