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When you’re a gamer that plays across several titles, the problem of irregular mouse sensitivity is one that you have likely met before. Every time you start a new game, your aim seems strange and this makes you waste much time while fumbling with settings to correct this. Mouse Conversion may assist in solving these annoying problems, and may even improve your gaming experience.

Mouse Conversion can provide an answer to all those problems, as it enables you to preserve the same targeting without having to do any complex math or endless adjustments. Regardless of whether you are an avid first-person shooter player or simply want games from different genres to feel smoother, Mouse Conversion could revolutionize how you play them.

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What is Mouse Conversion?

In simple terms, Mouse Conversion is an amazing tool aimed at demystifying the world of mouse sensitivity settings which many people find complicated. Here are its primary functions:

  • Sensitivity Converter: This is the foundation for this app’s existence. By taking in your current sensitivity setting from one game, Mouse Conversion will accurately calculate the equivalent sensitivity for another game that you choose. This way if there are two games between which you don’t want to lose muscle memory and truly sense your sight straying away completely.
  • 360 Degree Turn Distance Calculator: It calculates in centimeters or inches how long it will take for a user’s mouse cursor on his screen (in cm or inches) to complete 360 degrees rotation within any particular computer video game like shooting game etc., thus helping players who often rely heavily upon this metric for fine-tuning their sensitivities achieve consistent feels.
  • DPI Converter: Dots Per Inch (DPI) measures how sensitive your mouse device is. If one changes mice and/or adjusts their DPI mouse setting(s), then he/she would use Mouse Conversion so as to re-calculate his/her designated in-game sensitivity so that everything remains stay constant.

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Why Use Mouse Conversion?

Let’s break it down to physical and sensory effects Mouse Conversion may have on your gaming practice.

  • Improved Aim & Consistency: When you talk about mouse sensitivity for pin-pointing enemies in a competitive shooter, there is no room for error. In addition, using Mouse Conversion provides you an even starting point for every title which means better accuracy and more confidence in your present playing abilities.
  • Time-Saving: Have you ever thought how much time one wastes when trying to recalibrate their sensitivities or even adjusting in-game options? This application saves you the hassle through simplifying the process thereby allowing users spend longer hours playing instead of clicking through menus from game-to-game.
  • Customization: Each individual has unique preferences although uniformity should be pursued at all costs. The sensitivity can be adjusted across various games by simply using Mouse Conversion which will enable players to find their perfect feel and then replicate it perfectly so that they have maximum control over aiming.
  • User-Friendliness: (Assuming the app is actually user-friendly) Designed with simplicity in mind, this application has a clear interface and easy calculations that could make any gamer feel comfortable regardless of his/her knowledge of technical issues.

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How to Use Mouse Conversion: A Step-by-Step Guide

Although extremely straightforward, below is a stepwise guide on how to utilize its features:

Discover Your Current Sensitivity:

  • Before jumping into conversions, first off know what your current sensitivity is within the game that you are leaving behind while switching over to another one.
  • Usually found under “Controls” or “Mouse settings” within game
  • Check whether it utilizes numerical figures, slider or else other forms such as bars

Try Out Sensitivity Converter:

  • This is to open the Mouse Conversion app.
  • Select a game that you are currently on from the list
  • Input your current in-game sensitivity.
  • Select the game you are switching to as your “New Game”
  • The app will automatically compute the corresponding sensitivities for you to use in the new game.

Calculation of 360 Distance

  • In the app, select “360 Distance” tab or its equivalent.
  • Use the same game selection procedure as used in sensitivity converter.
  • Enter your present in-game sensitivity setting.
  • It shows how many inches of mouse movement it takes to make a full rotation in a game

Example with Popular Games

For example, let’s take Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and switch it to Valorant. You realize that your CS:GO sensitivity is 1.5. This way, Mouse Conversion enables you to determine an equal level of sensitivity adjustment required while playing Valorant without changing aiming habits.

Tips for Maximizing Mouse Conversion

Here are some additional suggestions for making the most out of Mouse Conversion:

  • Combine with Aim Training: Your sensor has got to be consistent, but regular aim training tools and routines will help refine your skills further. Once your baseline is set by Mouse Conversion, training lets you attain your highest potential.
  • Experiment & Find Your Ideal Setting: While giving great starting points, don’t hesitate experimenting within a small range until you find one best suited for your playstyle and preferences when using Mouse Conversion to identify this parameter?
  • Recalibrate Regularly: Whenever there are major changes in DPI settings between mice or whenever after taking time off from certain games makes aiming horrible again go back and re-establishing those uniform standards provided by Mouse Conversion


If you are committed gamer who wants an end to erratic mouse sensitivity issues that frustrate him/her during gaming sessions, buy this software called Mouse Conversion. It enables players like you not only maintain their already acquired shooting abilities but also command them in whatever video game one chooses to play. Visit for more of such useful gaming tips and app recommendations.


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