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Mortar Clash 3D MOD APK is a top military conflict game in which you can blast through stages and demolish tanks, aircrafts, and objectives with a variety of wonderful war equipment, particularly mortars! Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming the master of army games? If so, let’s have this battle and wipe out the enemy in the world of tank games to become the top war battle games shooter of the war games.

Introduce about Mortar Clash 3D

Consider yourself a soldier or a top commander during WW2, the largest and bloodiest war in history. You’re defending your base from tanks and planes. To defeat the opponent as a tank game master, you only need to use anti-tank and anti-aircraft bullets. Yes, this is all about Mortar Clash 3D‘s plot.

Mortar Clash 3D is a first-person combat game in which you play as a gunner in command of a cannon with which you must assault your adversaries’ installations and protect yourself from their land and air attacks.

This game is based on the most fundamental idea of any action and shooting game: shoot your opponent before he shoots you. So, properly prepare your cannon, take aim at your target, and unleash fire to turn it to ashes.

Mortar Clash 3D Mod

Create a powerful army

To have a strong army capable of completing any task in Mortar Clash 3D, players must begin the adventure of growing their army. Each group of warriors is armed with a variety of weaponry in order to finish the job as swiftly as possible. You have the option of selecting from a list of special battle vehicles. When players have tanks, off-road vehicles, and other vehicles suitable for rough terrain in their collection, they can chose and use them.

Furthermore, hundreds of weaponries used in battle assist players in thoroughly defeating their opponents. Aside from the device’s power, players can demonstrate their strength with a range of weaponry. Players can use the viewfinder to alternatively examine the adversary, assess the position of the aircraft, and precisely aim at the items on the screen. To quickly overcome more powerful opponents, players must upgrade their weapons. Extending the combat period will place you at a significant disadvantage.

Mortar Clash 3D Apk

Explore the battlegrounds

Mortar Clash 3D depicts the entire war scene in first-person. Things will appear unexpectedly on your screen, interfering with your observation as they approach the gun’s barrel. The exercise mimics what happens in the military. Depending on the army’s strength, the player can command multiple groups of men.

The variety of members taking part in the fight, on the other hand, will astound players. They could be novices, masters, or professionals. You can use bombs and grenades in addition to guns and ammo. With the big pits in the arena, they will make the combat more intriguing.

Complete the quest to liberate the land

Mortar Clash 3D provides the ultimate experience as the leader of a powerful army and improves your abilities to lead your army. Military missions will give gamers a more realistic experience on the battlefield. All of the most powerful weapons are summoned to increase performance in each game. Hundreds of levels and tasks are waiting to be conquered, and they will be updated as the level progresses. Your string of accomplishments will be acknowledged in the events in which you have confirmed your participation.

What is the point of Mortar Clash 3D MOD APK?

In Mortar Clash 3D, you will direct the orientation and firing angle of a mortar positioned in a defended post, which will determine the trajectory and distance of the projectile. Because the complexity increases steadily over the levels, there will be more varieties of targets to shoot at. This necessitates the development of more powerful weaponry. That is the primary goal of Mortar Clash 3D MOD APK. This is a modified version that allows you to earn free prizes without having to sit through unpleasant advertisements.

MOD features:

  • Free rewards
  • No ads


All said and done. It’s time to download Mortar Clash 3D MOD APK and enjoy your time.


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