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Jan 12, 2023
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Are you looking for a challenging puzzle game that will entertain you for hours? Monster Tales Mod Apk is the perfect combination of RPG adventure and match 3 puzzle. Download now to collect monsters and fight multiplayer!

About Monster Tales Mod Apk

When you have a lot of strong monsters. With many distinct species and elements. What are you going to do with them? Bring it out when showing off or displaying it? So would it be terrible to let them battle? If you enjoy it, Monster Tales will be a great fit for you. The game involves raising monsters in an unusual way to fight. It is not complicated actions or skills that are required. All you have to do is solve the brain puzzles in order to defeat and win. Isn’t it fascinating, right now let’s find out…

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In Monster Tales, you’ll be able to nurture and grow adorable and powerful monsters in addition to your primary objective of collecting loot. You must also develop them into your most skilled warriors. Do a variety of activities in several locations across the world. Defend yourself against hostile creatures by fighting and defeating them. Recover ancient magic items. Visit many different places on your journey around the globe. Become a master monster trainer in the universe. Only careful planning and easy operation are required.

Combination of Game genres

Monster Tales is a one-of-a-kind combination of numerous different gaming types in order to enhance the game’s excitement and fun significantly. The first thing that comes to mind is the conventional puzzle mechanism of the game. Players will be transported to a 7×5 grid board, allowing them to maneuver it more easily than games with too big a field do. This makes it more suitable for many people of various ages, including children, to comprehend how gems appear right away.

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In terms of combat mechanics, this game differs from other match-3 games in that it necessitates a greater level of cooperation. Players will smash gems in order to send ships and launch assaults. Water-type monsters will attack if you destroy a lot of blue gems, as well as other kinds of monsters such as fire, earth, nature, and so on. Although this is a more exciting and challenging encounter than others, it isn’t quite as simple to learn.

Professional monster training

You have been sent to a magical world as a strange individual. The mythical monster’s habitat. You will begin to feed the eggs. Wait until they hatch, and you’ll have a companion. Raise lots of eggs to create a flock of adorable monsters. Their early developmental stages are guaranteed to win you over. They grew larger with time, gaining more and more unique features. This is when you will put them in combat mode. In distant locations, the weather is unpredictable and hazardous. The career of an animal trainer begins here. The monsters you raise will face the challenges. Team combat with intellectual games as symbols. Your team and the opposing team will confront one another. A strange chessboard with bright symbols tangled in the center contains a colorful pattern. They must only be moved to form responses, just like many puzzle games such as Candy Crush. The reactions are your monster warriors’ attacking capabilities. Fight until you’ve won and moved on to the next level of difficulty.

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Train the monsters

You’ve raised over 120 warriors and monsters. From being nothing more than an egg to becoming a force of nature. There are five distinct elements in your army. Fire, water, earth, light, and darkness. Each monster will be influenced by the qualities of its own element. Monsters with fire as their primary element were red in color; not to mention that they also had unique abilities and skills. It is dependent on how you care for them and develop them that determines whether or not they can battle effectively on the field. However, make sure you have these adorable creatures in mind when they get bigger. They’ll be the real fighters on the field when compared to other opponents.

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Explore new lands

Monster Tales features a variety of terrains, each with its own distinct characteristics. The islands in Monster Tales are all separate levels. Each chapter is a new location to explore broken down into chapters. Each land has a specific number of levels where you may fight. The overall rating for each level will be determined by the number of stars, points scored, and maximum of three stars. The last stage will be the Boss battle screen. With a large boss and several hazardous abilities, it’ll take some planning on your end. It’s not simply a simple punch; there’s no effect at all.

Menu, Dame, God Mode

Rewards and quests

When you don’t have enough money or too much time, raising and expanding monsters might appear to be difficult. The daily gift system will come in handy. Every day, you are permitted to open a mysterious gift box. It might be either a little or even an entirely new egg. Not only that but the daily tasks and accomplishments provide significant rewards. You won’t have to worry about the economy when you play comfortably. You must be pleased to hear that Monster Tales is finally available, especially since it has been so long in the making. You will undoubtedly feel ecstatic and want to download Monster Tales as soon as possible in order to enjoy it. This is a positive indication that you should use your mind and tactics. Levels will assist you in handling the problem with puzzles and fighting. An animal lover would be unable to resist playing Monster Tales Mod Apk, of course.

Download Monster Tales Mod Apk

Monster Tales Mod Apk is a role-playing game that combines match-3 gameplay with narrative adventure. Download it now to collect creatures and fight against your friends. Now is the time to capture monsters and overcome challenges.


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