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MOD Info?

Emperor of Mahjong Mod APK combines city construction and tile pair puzzles with a narrative full of adventure, clever scheming, and historical events set in Ancient Rome.

  • Unlimited coins/gems/woods/hearts
  • All Increases on spending


Merge Gardens Mod Apk is a unique gardening game unlike any other, with features that include restoring and transforming gardens, collecting fruits for rewards, taking care of wild animals, etc. Complete puzzles to unlock an enchanted world of mythical items within your own garden. Transform yourself into a farmer and make this abandoned vacant lot come to life!

About Merge Gardens Mod Apk

In the upcoming game, Merge Gardens players will be tasked with finding similar elements and combining them to create new things. However, this seemingly simple task is actually quite difficult as each type of tree in the game serves a different purpose. Players will need to use strategy and deduction skills to figure out how to best utilize each type of tree in order to achieve the goal of the game.

Merge Gardens Mod Apk


You will take charge of a pristine garden in a gorgeously designed world, but as the game starts, some areas become dull and grey. Your task is to bring these parts back to life by restoring the beauty of the garden. In other words, you’ll need to clear away the greyness from above the garden with cute trees and birds. The garden is best seen from a broad perspective, and as time goes on you will accumulate different pieces to merge. For example, at the beginning of the game, you have three sprouts. If they are placed close together in threes, they will grow into a new plant called dandelion. This newly formed plant is key in helping restores areas of the garden with its nectar potion powers.

Game Match 3

Merge Gardens is a gardening and puzzle game hybrid. The player’s task is to match plants, from 3 to 5 plants, in order to break them and create a new tree. This also helps you unlock various items to improve the garden. Furthermore, you can also earn money from the fusion of these plants.

The objects in Merge Gardens are designed to look like real-life fruits, such as apples, cherries, or lemons. The further you progress into the game, the more challenging the levels become. Another thing to keep in mind is that each level has a limited number of moves available, so think carefully before making your next move! You can create multiple combos with great power to win quickly. To create a lightning strike that destroys horizontal or vertical rows, pair 4 objects together. Alternatively, you can stitch 5 objects together to create an explosion.

Merge Gardens Mod Apk for android

Garden design

In Merge Gardens, you will primarily be responsible for renovating and developing an unkempt garden through various tasks completed on a daily basis. With each day comes new challenges to help improve the look of the garden bit by bit. You luckily won’t have to go at it alone as Gatsby the cat and Hedgehog will be there to assist (and company) you every step of the way.

Collect decorative items as you advance through game levels or buy them directly from the in-game store. With an expansive and ever-growing selection of items, you can create a garden that is uniquely your own. Keep your wildlife happy and healthy to attract more visitors to your virtual national park!

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Upgrading the garden

In this fun and engaging puzzle adventure, you’ll earn rewards by matching delicious apples, pears, lemons, and grapes. Smash your goals to unlock rainbow cascades! Be strategic with your moves by matching three or more fruits in a row.

Use your matching skills to beat difficult levels by matching delicious fruits. For every level, you conquer, choose rewards like mysterious obstacles and exotic wildlife to improve your garden.

Merge Gardens Mod Apk latest version

Collect plants

In Merge Gardens, you can collect and nurture wildlife to help you harvest plants, trees, and crops. Make your garden shimmer and bloom by watching your wildlife grow! You can also merge rare creatures to live in your estate while you’re away. They will take care of your land until you return. Lastly, don’t forget to upgrade and evolve your birds and bugs periodically to create legends with more healing power.

You can win loads of beautiful objects by playing matching games with items like magic reeds, plush barricades, and sweet golden honey pots. You can also collect eggs that hatch mythical creatures. By winning gems, coins, and wood in the game, you can buy more items at the shop.

Merge Gardens Mod Apk unlocked


Merge Gardens Mod Apk is an enjoyable game that allows you to restore and grow your garden. It’s a great way to relax, explore strange lands, and build up your estate. Merge rare items and creatures for special bonuses. Make sure to upgrade regularly for new surprises! Try Merge Gardens Mod Apk at TechToDown today!


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