Melon VPN Mod APK 8.0.005 Free Download for Android 2024

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Nov 14, 2018
Mar 13, 2024
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Download Melon VPN Mod APK (VIP Unlocked) FREE for Android

Melon VPN is a super-fast app that provides a free VPN proxy service. You will not need to configure anything; simply click one button and you will be able to browse the web safely and anonymously. Melon VPN is a useful tool. It encrypts your connection so that third parties cannot track your online behavior, making it more secure than a standard proxy.
Melon VPN – Unlimited, free, and fast security app

Melon VPN is a bit of technology that enables users to quickly browse websites while also providing high-quality, secure, and effective VPN proxy services. This tool can also help you safeguard your personal information from websites on the internet. Other people will not be able to see or trace your internet actions as a result of this app.

You will be able to view your favorite TV shows that are no longer restricted by region. You can also access any server in the world to play your favorite games. Furthermore, the VPN network will protect your device from being stolen or tracked by unknown trackers. Take advantage of entirely safe Internet browsing.


You can secure your phone from harmful objects and viruses thanks to sophisticated security features. To establish a connection, no further permissions are required. You will have a fantastic user experience as a result of this.

The majority of servers in the application have dedicated IP addresses, which will assist speed up your connection and ensure that your website loads quickly.

Melon VPN is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a VPN service that is both simple to use and effective. The application is accessible to all users and is simple to set up and use. You may use your mobile devices to surf a private and fast VPN connection whenever you want.

Outstanding features of Melon VPN APK

An incredibly basic and easy-to-use app

Melon VPN users on Android can begin using the mobile app and taking advantage of its many features right away. There is no need to register or configure anything because everything is done for you automatically.

To begin using your VPN services, simply open the app and tap the Connect button. It takes only one tap to connect to the hosting VPN server, and your internet connection is fully operational.

Melon VPN will choose the best servers for your reference on its own. You will be able to make some simple changes thanks to the well-designed app user interface and accessible settings.

Customize VPN permissions on apps

All applications linked to the Internet will be subject to application monitoring once Melon VPN is enabled on your mobile device. However, you should avoid creating white apps that do not require a VPN because they might cause service providers to become confused and create more harm than good.


Anonymous while browsing the Internet

Thanks to Melon VPN‘s tight access rules, Android users can rest assured that the app will protect all of their personal information. When you use Melon VPN, nothing about your browsing history, app activity, or other data is saved. As a result, you are fully anonymous while browsing the web.

Take advantage of an unlimited VPN network

Melon VPN is also one of the few services that provide a free and unlimited connection, allowing you to use the VPN whenever and wherever you choose. The only drawback is that the speed is not improved like it is in the app version.

Melon VPN is compatible with all types of connections, including Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G, 3G, and other mobile data providers. This will ensure that you are safe at all times when using your phone.

Protect your public wi-fi connection

Melon VPN protects your information from being gathered by other internet users and service providers, in addition to having a login policy. Feel free to connect to your public Wi-Fi network using the app without fear of data leakage. When you use a fully encrypted VPN Internet service, you are always secured from all threats.

Hiding your IP address

Android users can also work by disguising their IP address so that their location is not traced by others if they have a VPN service installed on their mobile device. This will allow you to get around any geo-restricted content and make the most of your online experience.

Enjoy your transparent internet connection

Furthermore, whether you work in an office or are a student, this app will come in handy because it allows you to ignore school calls and open installed filters. So, you may relax and enjoy your entirely transparent internet connection.


Stay connected to highly configured servers

Android users will be able to connect to the Internet using Melon VPN‘s many servers across the world. Melon VPN, like Thunder VPN and other smart VPN apps, will keep you connected to finely customized servers in certain countries. You can use custom settings to connect to any server you wish.

Why select Melon VPN Mod APK?

  • Premium Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Ad Free
  • A sizable number of servers, high-speed information measure
  • More than a hundred servers worldwide will select
  • Melon VPN is totally free and there’s no in-app purchase fee.
  • Good select server
  • Well-designed UI
  • No usage and closing date
  • No registration or configuration needed
  • No further permissions needed


Melon VPN Mod APK is an excellent solution for Android devices, allowing users to unlock the Internet and get a little more privacy. This VPN smartly encrypts the user’s internet traffic while also providing a variety of other security features. Feel free to modify the application in any way you like!


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