Me is King Mod Apk v0.23.80 (Unlimited Resources, No ADS)

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Oct 7, 2021
May 17, 2024
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Me is King Mod Apk is a farming and settlement management simulation game. You’ll assume the role of a tribal leader, responsible for ensuring the tribe’s survival

  • Unlimited Resources
  • No ADS


Me is King Mod Apk – you’ll go to the island where the first tribes emerged in the prehistoric era. You will take on the responsibilities of a king of the tribe and attempt to grow it. Your mentees will be involved in a number of activities, including mineral extraction, hunting, and agriculture, and you must carefully manage all of the resources they produce for you. Pay close attention to the treasury; listen to your subjects, and assign duties.

Every citizen will require a different resource for each activity: wood or food, for example. You must provide rations and ensure you don’t run out of them as more territory is explored. Try not to squander all of your resources while exploring new areas so that your citizens can perform their tasks.

About Me is King Mod Apk

Build a more developed village

You must use the pictures in the game to improve your village. You will utilize the images accessible in the game to collect resources and food is needed to help you gain a lot of money. To construct houses, fell trees, and hunt ferocious pigs, play this idle agricultural life simulation. In addition, you will discover important stone age relics and lead your tribe to work towards establishing a wealthy empire.

Me is King Mod Apk (Unlimited Resources, No ADS)

Prehistoric farm life

You’ll be in charge of running the farm. You may not get your way all of the time. Correct their errors so they can work effectively. Assist hunters in escaping predators’ attacks. Assist those who have been hurt in receiving prompt and appropriate treatment. You may use the fast forward tool to speed up activity. It will allow you to finish a lot of products in a short amount of time. The fast-forward tool will assist you in obtaining a huge amount of finished goods in a short period of time. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your generosity; it has always resulted in real-world effects.

Me is King Mod Apk techtodown

Decorate the village to become more beautiful

A king like you, who lives an everyday existence, would be bored. Do something for the people to demonstrate their loyalty to their ruler. Build a massive stone roof depicting your self-portrait using the cash. Purchase new clothes that individuals can wear and switch them frequently. Place fountains and flower beds where you feel beautiful. After receiving your gifts, the villagers will sacrifice animals. Demonstrate your devotion to the individual who changed your life by doing everything you can to make it flourish according to your expectations.

Me is King Mod Apk free download


Idle Adventures: Some cavemen are good hunters of terrible creatures, some contribute to your earnings, and some are perfect for…exploring? Let them grow so you can discover new places!

Perfect Farm Life: You’ll never have to worry about running out of food again! Start a Neolithic farm and fulfill your wildest dreams! Raise your super tribes to improve their levels!

Island Survival: Invade a strange village full of hostile villagers and attackable creatures! Maintain your fitness to hunt them down and eat them!

Kingdom Expansion: Are you ready to expand your meme village and turn it into a true Stone Age Empire? In a few days, or even hours, your civilization can grow rapidly.

Policy Making: Are you prepared for life in the jungle? In this meme game, make YOUR own decisions and see what happens! Every day, as your dormant revenue grows, so does your bank account!

Simple Gameplay: All you have to do now is decide what your super tribe will achieve and sit back and watch the magic happen! In this idle money farming simulator, everything is easy!

Adorable Art: Is This a Meme Game? Is it a beautiful game or a cute game? Why not combine both ideas? Even obnoxious creatures are gorgeous!

Uncover the Mysteries: Village life is not the only adventure you can have in this farm game! Find new foul monsters, historical relics and unusual jewels to brighten up your farm!

Build a Village: Make choices that affect the lives of your cavemen and help them become the greatest super-tribes the world has ever seen! Plus, there’s plenty of money to be made your way to incredible idle revenue growth!

Watch Time Pass: When you sit back and earn money in this stone age idle money game, the days go by quickly.

Download Me is King Mod Apk

With Me is King Mod Apk, you will have everything you need to build the best village possible and become the most powerful ruler in the land! Get started now and see how far you can go! Download Me is King Mod Apk now at TechToDown.


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