Matchmaker Mod APK 1.1.9 (Unlimited Diamond/Lives)

December 25, 2021
December 25, 2021
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You want to play the role of the main character and decide your own love story, experience now Matchmaker: Choose Your Story Mod Apk. This exciting game has attracted many players thanks to its rich storyline, beautiful character graphics, and multiple character design options. Join this romantic love game, put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist, and select how to end your story. The game also offers you many other exciting experiences, download the game and explore them. unwind with right now.

What is Matchmaker: Choose Your Story Mod Apk about?

Matchmaker: Choose Your Story is the ideal blend of puzzle and narrative games. It is an endless adventure game that allows you to create your own unique fate in each story. The game has a lot of complexity to it, and it has a lot of possibilities for you to enjoy the essence and culmination of drama situations in love stories.


They will elicit a wide range of emotions in you, from happy and excited to sad and tearful. Besides, you can experience colorful puzzle screens with fantastic effects. You will immerse yourself in the main character and experience love stories.

Why should you download Matchmaker: Choose Your Story Mod Apk?

Matchmaker: Choose Your Story is a modified version we provide for free on our website Techtodown. We will provide this mod with many advanced features, so you can have a full experience of the game. You can unlock many items or buy anything you want without paying any fee. You can also get unlimited lives to enjoy as long as you want. Mod features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Lives

Highlight features of Matchmaker: Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Choose your story

The game will provide you with many fascinating stories for you to choose, participate in and decide the end of your story. Some storylines you can find in the game:

  • LOVE ISLAND: In this story, you will play a participant in the popular TV show “Love Island”. In here, you can meet a lot of interesting people and find the actual girl of your dreams. You will decide whether the love story is romantic, lovely, or bland.
  • BEANIE QUINN: In the thrilling story, you will see a scene of a fascinating and timeless village environment. You will investigate the murder cases to identify the suspect and learn all of the information surrounding the tragedy. You can show the boldness of a skilled female detective.


  • SEDUCTION GAMES: In this story, you will meet a gentleman after a dinner party at a restaurant, and the love story will begin. Make decisions about the end of the date based on your feelings. Whether it’s a fun date, exciting or boring is up to you to decide.

In addition, you can also discover many other exciting stories in the game.

Solve puzzle games

Aside from the surprising love stories, you can enjoy playing some of the system’s match-3 puzzle games. They will link up with several characters, so you can take advantage of more stuff or situations as you continue to solve riddles. The game will include a variety of other forms of entertainment to broaden your experience besides match-3 puzzles.


Get rewards

In the game, you can personalize your avatar with a range of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup styles, and many more. You will need to unlock many items to personalize your character and design in your favorite style. You will win rewards for unlocking items when completing match-3 puzzle stages.


Besides, you can also get a lot of stuff, including outfits, accessories, and diamonds, a valuable currency in the game. Every puzzle level is always impressive due to the distinct and colorful items to match. You must match at least three of the same items to make them explode and score points in this game, which contains hundreds of stages. Every time you tap, you’ll experience magnificent explosion effects on your fingertips.

Graphics and sound

In Matchmaker: Choose Your Story, the graphics have a realistic and well-balanced visual style that makes them incredibly appealing. You will see 2D character graphics that are seductive, hot, and appealing.


The context in the game is also very diverse to create attractive story contexts. Besides, the noises and effects are enjoyable to help you immerse yourself in your stories.


Download Matchmaker: Choose Your Story Mod Apk to have a fantastic experience for fans of the fairy tale genre. Join compelling stories as the protagonist and make decisions for your story. You also have a great chance to participate in match-3 levels with entertaining nature and live effects. Enjoy our mod to enjoy the enhanced features.

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