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If you are a hard fan of manga, you will not be able to ignore the MangaToon Mod Apk application. The app is one of three globally popular comic reading apps for Android devices. The app provides a huge and diverse number of stories with a professional interface and many other interesting features. That is a reason the app earned hundreds of millions of downloads from readers and was voted the best manga reader app on mobile in 2018. Download the premium unlocked version on our website and find out what the app surprises bring to you.

Introduce MangaToon Mod APK

MangaToon Mod APK is a leading manga reader app with a huge library. The app has many comics in various genres such as action, romance, school, horror, humor, fiction, and many more.

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The app is still constantly updating new titles, and you can completely read comics for free right on your Android phone. This is an excellent option for your favorite manga with a lot of good stories, and you can read whenever you like.

What is special in MangaToon Mod Apk?

The app has a rich collection of stories with engaging content, you will be immersed in the world of comics. However, you will encounter limitations when using apps downloaded from Google Play. But you don’t need to worry anymore, MangaToon Mod Apk on our website has now an additional Premium Unlock feature that you can experience the full features of the app. You will be able to read any unique series without paying fees. You can comfortably enjoy your favorite manga series without being limited to anything.

Highlight features of MangaToon Mod Apk?

Easy to use with a simple interface

MangaToon has a simple, friendly interface with the main colors being white and orange. You can quickly view an extensive list that is organized for you to choose from.

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In the Discover section, you can see hundreds of Manga organized by categories like Recommended for You, New, Popular, and more. You only need to tap your favorite categories or series to read them right away. Enjoy the app, and you only need to use one finger to swipe up, down, right, left on the screen.

Huge library and daily updates

The MangaToon application is a huge library of comics that you can easily find your favorite topics including love, detective, passion, action, school, etc. These application comics are available in different categories from Manhua (Chinese comics), Manhwa (Korean comics) to Comic (European and American comics).

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This useful app will update daily with new titles that help you keep up with trends around the world. With the app, you can be completely immersed in new stories with engaging and engaging content.

Support many languages

MangaToon supports a variety of languages so that readers in many countries can read their favorite manga. You can set separate languages to read stories from six languages that are English, Indonesian, Bahasa, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. With many languages supported in the game, people all over the world can enjoy it. The publisher of the game is currently working on adding other languages soon.

Create your own story

You are an enthusiast, always searching and reading a lot of manga, you have a desire to create a story of your own. MangaToon will assist you in becoming a content producer if you have good, creative, and unique ideas.

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You can create your series and send it to the publisher MangaToon. If your product has engaging content, your series will be shown on the app’s top page and shared with millions of other users.

Read manga offline

The app supports you to download your favorite manga series, so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere on your Android phone. With this feature, you can read your favorite manga even when you don’t have an internet connection.


Does the MangaToon app have a dark mode?

  • Yes. The app has both day and night mode for you. You can choose the model that suits your environment and reading habits.

What information does the application collect from users?

  • The application collects your personal information such as gender, email, device, IP. The app also records your activity history including what you’ve read, ads you’ve seen, comments, favorites, etc. The collected data will help developers of new and personalized services.

That’s all about MangaToon Mod Apk. You can enjoy this attractive application to read a treasure of comics and manga. You can immerse yourself in different types of favorite comics. Create your own story and share it in the community of manga enthusiasts. Download the app and live in the rich and colorful world of comics right now.


In conclusion, MangaToon Mod Apk stands as a go-to platform for manga enthusiasts, providing an expansive library of comics from around the globe. Its versatility, both in terms of content and functionality, caters to a diverse readership. Not only can users delve into the world of their favorite comics in multiple languages, but they can also share their creativity by publishing their own stories. With the added ability to download and read offline, MangaToon ensures that manga entertainment is accessible anytime, anywhere. Download the MangaToon Mod Apk today and start your journey into the captivating world of manga.


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