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Make More MOD APK is a crazy addictive game in which you are the boss of a single factory with a single worker at the start. All you have to do is yell and punch your desk to motivate the worker. Make as many products as you can and earn as much money as you can. The only motivation is to make money. Complete the assigned tasks, hire more workers, and construct more factories.

What is all about Make More?

Make More is a clicker game that transports you to the factory business, where you assume the role of the boss of your own factory and try to make as much profit as possible on the backs of your employees.


Join the game, and you must hire and train workers so that they can work as quickly as possible in your factory. As your workers madly get to work creating bizarre products, you will eventually earn enough coins to build more factories, create even more bizarre products, and hire even more bizarre characters to work for you.

200+ workers with specialized skills

There are over 200 workers in this game waiting to be hired by you. Every character is unique and amusing. From human to zombie, baby to vampire, you will encounter a variety of workers, each with their own set of skills and abilities. This game will keep you entertained. Hire and train them to work effectively and efficiently in order to produce an increasing number of products. At higher levels, you can also replace them with robots.

Tons of factories and tasks


In this game, there are numerous factories with various bosses. These bosses are also as amusing as a clown, kings. And they’re all working hard to impress The Big Boss. Every factory has a total of 20 levels. There are various production tasks at each level. Tasks include making cakes, cars, clocks, diamonds, and so on.

Enjoy playing offline

No gamer can be online at all times. When the gamer is not online, the workers are never idle. This game allows for automatic gameplay. They work at their own pace and produce products automatically. You can get them after you log in. There will be no slackers in the factory!

Tips for playing Make More

So, let’s head over some of the tips and tricks to become better at this game:

Prioritize hiring the highest-level employees

One of the most intriguing aspects of the workers you can hire for your factories is that the price remains constant regardless of the worker’s level. This means that you should always hire the highest-level workers first because they produce materials faster and save you money on upgrades. You will waste a lot of time and money if you do not do this.

Spend more time in your best factory

As you unlock new factories, they will all go through the leveling up process, producing similarly valued products, but everything will cost more. Even though you’ll want to spend time tapping and leveling up the produced items as soon as possible, it’s best to spend more time in your best factory to get the most out of the flying bonuses. The gold pouch is much better in your top factory because it gives the most money: if you get one in a lower-level factory, you will receive less money, and you will not be able to quickly navigate to another factory when the flying pouch arrives to get the extra coins.

Upgrade everything


Upgrading your employees is critical because they will produce items faster. And once you’ve reached the highest level with a factory, you’ll need all the speed bonuses you can get! However, it is also critical to increase the number of items they can produce, which can be done by tapping the icon in the upper left corner. Consider increasing the table capacity to at least 100 as soon as possible, and keep in mind that the higher the number, the more money you will receive when you are not playing for an extended period of time.

Why do you need Make More MOD APK?

The money problem is no longer a problem with MOD Make More MOD APK. It allows you to spend an unlimited amount of money on training your employees and expanding your factory. Increase your profits by growing your business faster than ever before. Amazing boosts can also be used to motivate workers and increase production rates. MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads

So, what are you waiting for? Download Make More MOD APK right now and have a good time relaxing.



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