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Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK is a fun puzzle game that challenges players to find and match symbols. Download for free and enjoy unlimited features.

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Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK is a traditional mahjong game with a modern twist! You’ll join a tiny guy on a delightful adventure full of logic problems to solve, pals to save, and acorns to discover in this game. There’s a lot more to say about this game. So keep reading to learn about them all.


Introduce to the game Mahjong Forest Puzzle

Mahjong Forest Puzzle is a puzzle game with the same gameplay as other mahjong games. Your goal is to identify and match pairs of identical tiles as long as another tile isn’t blocking one of them. But this time, you’ll have two added goals: rescue small birds imprisoned between the tiles and find golden acorns concealed among them all around the board. Plan your moves carefully and make sure you can remove essential tiles to fulfill all of the goals!

And now let’s walk you through some of the highlight features of this game:

Connect identical-colored squares

You won’t have any trouble achieving your goal thanks to the easy gameplay. Choose any two adjacent squares that are moving in the same direction, giving precedence to the locations where the bird is trapped. Chestnuts, flowers, and apple slices in various colors will be the geometric shapes on the square. The quantity of meals and plants in each box will aid players in selecting the kind they want. It is improbable that the game will have the same animations but different layouts, so continue with caution. As soon as you match identical tiles, you release the bluebird to claim victory.

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Enjoy playing a variety of levels

Mahjong Forest Puzzle has a substantial and varied number of levels because it is a level-based game. Each level’s mahjong tiles are organized in a unique way. The chess pieces can also be stacked on top of one another in a circle at times. Or use Mahjong cards arranged in three vertical rows. gamers can explore a variety of levels. Little blue birds occasionally become tangled in the middle of the brickwork. They can fly outside at will by simply pressing and removing all of the tiles.

Use various boosters to achieve high score

Players will unavoidably face a wide range of difficulties while they play Mahjong Forest Puzzle. That results from a variety of variables, including the growing number of tiles you must remove. In addition, rather than collecting a set amount of tiles, each level’s objective will now be to free some trapped elements.

They can use some of the boosters that the game offers to help other players, although obviously there are usage restrictions. It is simple to locate free tiles that you can access and recover. Additionally, boosters can help you rapidly determine your next move if you’re unsure what it will be. You can re-arrange the tiles if you think their current placement is not optimal.

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Customize your squirrel

Players of the Mahjong Forest Puzzle will be able to alter this cute little squirrel. Additionally, you can improve its appeal by donning fresh clothing and cosmetics. Rolly’s new hairdo has a bow on top of her head and a hint of blush. The fact that there are such a large variety of them just makes them cuter. Unlock a ton of cosmetic improvements to give Rolly a wide selection of chic attire. In order to expand and draw in more customers, it must be improved. Pick whatever you find appealing, and make sure they like it. Pick up a lot of goods as you progress through the stages to add to Rolly’s wardrobe. 

Why download the latest version of the game Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK from TechToDown?

Let’s admit: this isn’t an easy game. That is why we suggest you download the latest version of the game Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK on our website. This MOD gives you Unlimited Life option. As such, you can enjoy playing the game without any limits. More than that, the MOD is totally ad-free, allowing you to enjoy the game to its most.

Key features of the game Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK:

Unlimited Life

No ads


Final verdicts

So are you ready to immerse yourself in the work of beautiful mahjong world? Or can you help these blue birds? Download the game Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK free from TechToDown and show off your skills.


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