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Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK lastest version for Android. Play the amazing free piano game Magic Tiles 3 on your mobile device today!



Do you love music? Do you like to sing, or want to become a musician, composing your own favorite songs? Then, join Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk now, With the game, you don’t need to spend money to buy a piano, but you can still play the music yourself with many interesting challenges. You can become a talented guitarist, pianist, or drummer with impressively composed music.

Introducing about Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 Apk is a fun challenging game with catchy music.  If you enjoy music, but you find it difficult to practice it, this game will teach you how to perform renowned songs like a pro. The game is provided by a Vietnamese startup named Amanotes in 2014. This is a popular music game, with millions of downloads globally.

Magic Tiles 3 mod apk

Depending on your playing style, you can easily produce different music. The game provides a music album that has been completely updated by Amanotes. You will be challenged with many difficult songs with features that the game offers you:


To play Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk, you only need to tap the black piano key which is running towards your screen while avoiding the white keys. When you play the black keys, you will make the sound of music, so you can master playing the pleasant music.

Magic Tiles 3 mod apk techtodown

If you miss a black key or press the wrong white button, you will make your song finished right away and end your game. You will need to focus on the song and have quick reflexes because the song’s speed increases with each chorus. Enjoy fun gameplay with your favorite music.

Play with fun songs

When you play Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk, you can play many more instruments outside the piano, like the trumpet, drums, and even a combination of several musical instruments. The music has been carefully chosen to make you feel calmer.

Magic Tiles 3 mod apk download

Furthermore, the publisher updates modern music on a regular basis. Almost every musical genre is offered in the music album of the game. You can find your favorite songs such as Monody, The Calling, Time Lapse, or Serina, and many more.

Various musical genres

You can choose music to play from various genres of music including Edm, Dance, Pop, Rock, Latin, Blues, Hip Hop, and RnB. You can easily play many instruments such as the piano, trumpet, drum, or you can even combine musical instruments together. Choose your favorite genre, instruments and enjoy the music.

Online mode

You can play an interesting music game when playing online with up to three other players. You can choose a room, establish a private area to play, and invite other online players to play. Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk has a difficult level series, and you can get intriguing gifts after completing each level.

Special features about Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk provides many fun songs, different levels for you to enjoy. To access each track, you need to have level and money. But, with this MOD, you can freely open your favorite songs and play thanks to special features:

  • Unlock VIP
  • Unlimited money.
  • No ads

When you unlock the Vip feature, you can have more turns to continue playing. You use the feature of unlimited money to unlocked many additional tracks. And you will not have to worry about advertisements interrupting your game. Because the MOD version will have no ads.

FQAs about Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

In the game Magic Tiles 3, what is the quickest song? That is Gotta Go and Maniera in UMod the Untold Story, they are two the known fastest song. Can I play the game with other players? Yes. This is a multiplayer game where you can enjoy with up to three other players all over the world. Can I download the game for free? Yes. You can download the game on your Android phone for free from our website Techtodown. Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk is one of the most popular mobile games, that you can enjoy your favorite music songs on your Android phone. You can play an entertainment game to relax and have fun. Let’s download and enjoy!



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