Mafia Inc Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk 0.31 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
March 14, 2024
4.0 and up
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Do you often play Mafia games? Do you want to become a mafia boss and build your crime empire? Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk will help you become a gangster, build a simulation strategy. With the impressive cartoon characters and simple gameplay, the game will help you have funny entertainment moments.

Introduce Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk

The game is a simulation action game published by Onesoft Global. The game is set in 2077 when gangsters from many different countries rush to the city. They form gangs and involve people in the world of crime, gangsters.

Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk

In the game, you will become a notorious Mafia tycoon, and you can build your Mafia Empire, develop your organization across the city. You can build a black market, a casino, empire, a lottery center, a tattoo parlor, a brothel, etc. This is an exciting adventure for you to explore the criminal world, through dangerous traps, and become a Mafia tycoon.

Features of Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk

Run the organization

In Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk, you play as a real Mafia boss, build a large-scale gangster, expand the areas to grow your organization. You can do whatever it takes to build, run and grow your Mafia organization. You can lead your team to occupy the streets, dominate other mafia clans. You can destroy anyone who stands in your way and recruits loyal minions to handle many of the tasks for you.

Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk download

Increase your money

You are a Mafia boss, and you need to recruit many juniors to develop your organization. Before collecting minions, you need to have a lot of money. You can earn money from looting, killing, selling drugs, etc.

Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk download free

You can do many illegal jobs to increase income. After you get much money, you can recruit minions with ease, open a shell company to hide your criminal organization, and expand your active gang.

Become the real tycoon

You want to become a real, powerful mafia tycoon, you need to conduct bloody purges to expand the management area. You can expand in the city, through the country, and even over the planet.

When you build a powerful mafia organization, a long line, you only need to sit back and wait for your juniors to bring money for you. You are a tycoon and focus on the most important works of the organization.

Graphics and sound

Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk is about Mafia – themed with a boss and his juniors. You will experience a game with some of the best 3D visuals in the industry. The game designs the background of a busy city with images of dangerous criminals. You will be attracted to the graphics of the game.

The game creates authentic sounds for the players, that are skillfully incorporated to fit the game’s requirements.

How to download Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk

  • Step 1: Uninstall other versions of the game on your phone.
  • Step 2: Go to phone Settings >> Security>> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON
  • Step3: Go to on your Android devices. Type: “Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk”, choose the latest version and then “Install”
  • Step 4: Wait till it finishes installing, then open the icon of the game on your device’s screen to experience it.

FAQs about Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk

What is special about the game?

The game has many amazing features:

  • Build and run organizations to make money such as lottery center, black market, tattoo shop, bar club, etc
  • Collect Capos: infamous criminals from all over the world with particular skills in Mafia Inc.
  • Increase your territory by capturing routes and dominating other mafia clans
  • Idle Cash: You’re the boss, and you have many of your faithful minions take care of the dirty job.
  • Become the best criminal boss: Create your own rules as a leader.

Why can I download Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk?

  • After you download this mod from our website, you can play the game with unlimited money.

Can I download and play the game for free?

  • Yes, you can!

Mafia Inc Idle Tycoon Game Mod Apk is a fun, simple entertainment game that helps you ease tension effectively. The game is an idle tycoon management game, and you have a chance to join the most exciting Mafia adventure in the crime century. Download and enjoy!


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