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Mar 19, 2024
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Download Mad Royale io MOD APK’s latest version for Android. Join this game, the action-packed tanks battle royale you’ll spend hours playing!




Mad Royale io MOD APK is an old-school “Tanks”-inspired strategy game with an action component. The game offers you the chance to command an artillery team whose job it is to obliterate the opposition. Take into account the topography, the opponent’s position, their capabilities, and their weapons. Prepare an arsenal in advance and plan your battle strategies. Real-time combat is taking place. The project ended up being quite fascinating despite the frankly unimpressive graphics. No player will be bored by the convenient control, simultaneous combat with 15 opponents, or dynamic battles.


Introduce to the game Mad Royale io

Can you picture a traditional Worms game where the worms are replaced with tanks? Well, that’s essentially what the APK file of this exciting combat royale from Casual Azur Games offers us.

In Mad Royale io, which features stunning 2D visuals, we will engage in multiplayer tank fights that are competitive. To survive hostile fire and eliminate all adversaries is the goal.

The main benefit of this game is how easy it is to use the controls, however it might be challenging to learn the concepts. In essence, we have two buttons: one for moving around the stage and the other for aiming and firing. The interesting part is that our tank sticks to all surfaces, defying gravity, and that the fire button can also be used to jump or propel.

Additionally, it has two game modes: solo fighting and team battle. The games are often brief and really engaging, so we won’t have a moment to become bored.

On the other hand, the game awards us with a gift after each match that lets us change the tank’s body, wheels, and weapon. All of this adds up to a straightforward but incredibly fun game that is perfect for a quick game wherever and anytime.

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How to play Mad Royale io MOD APK?

In Mad Royale io, controlling little tanks and mastering furious combat are your primary objectives. Here, a genuine struggle for existence between mini-tanks erupted, and to prevail, all players must complete the following tasks:

Combat on eroding grounds

Participate in ferocious battles between several tanks. The game offers a map as the starting point for each conflict where hostilities will take place. Every combat has an element of surprise because the battleground is always chosen at random. Mountains, ravines, cliffs, and abysses are only a few of the imaginable curves in the environment. You should develop your own strategies for overcoming your adversary based on the terrain that has been exposed, as this terrain is one of the most important factors. 

Destroy all adversaries

Here are how each game’s matches proceed. They often just last a few minutes, which is perfect for a modern individual who launches their preferred approach during breaks or in-between activities. The session includes a number of players. Each player is given a pixel tank that can be found on either side of the map. Players move, select a weapon type, then fire a shot using that weapon. Everything takes place instantly.

You may carry a total of twenty rounds of ammunition. Each player is only permitted a certain number of movements. The tanks score points by exchanging shots with one another. The bonus you receive depends on how successfully you attacked the opposition. The system calculates each fighter’s success when there are no freer actions available. The winner is the person who manages to accrue the most points.

Boost your tank

By the way, there is a leveling system in Mad Royale io. The three components of the tank can be improved, mainly the wheels, the armor, and the muzzle. It is also possible to alter the tank’s color, however doing so has no bearing on the gameplay. Other factors can have a big impact.

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Download the game Mad Royale io MOD APK from TechToDown

You’ll have some fantastic mini-tank driving moments with Mad Royale io. You can put your fighting prowess to the test against opponents from all over the world on the enormous battlefields. In addition, you should download the Mad Royale io MOD version from our website to play the game with an endless supply of money.

Key features of Mad Royale io MOD APK:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads


For the most thrilling strategy, download Mad Royale io MOD APK and give it a try. Even though it is based on straightforward concepts, you can get into a lot of amusing and unforgettable scenarios.


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