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Are you a forgetful, distracted person, or do you simply have a hectic work schedule that demands you to pay attention to a long list of to-dos and tasks? If that’s the case, having a calendar app on your Android phone like LockScreen Calendar -Schedule MOD APK is a fantastic idea. You may create to-do lists and timetables in the form of calendars and lists, and organize them into folders with this software.

 LockScreen Calendar - Schedule

What is all about LockScreen Calendar – Schedule?

LockScreen Calendar – Schedule is a powerful calendar app that can be used on your lock screen. This app would be easy to recommend even if it didn’t have the locks creen features, but it stands out in that sense.

LockScreen Calendar – Schedule does exactly what it says on the tin, and it’s extremely appealing. This program will essentially replace your lock screen with a calendar. If you rely on your calendar frequently and need it to be instantly accessible at all times, this is the quickest way to access it.

This calendar will appear as soon as you turn on your phone. You won’t have to worry about it taking up space on your home screen or anything. Yes, this program works with Google Calendar. It can retrieve your whole Google calendar (s).

And here are what you can do with this app:

 LockScreen Calendar - Schedule

Add and organize tasks into different folders

You might forget what you need to do in some situations. That is why you should use this software to make a to-do list. It allows you to add and organize your chores into searchable categories. It is necessary when you have some free time and can accomplish some work. Then you can go back to doing the same thing you were doing before. As a result, experiencing work in a variety of perspectives can help you grasp certain advantages.

Write whatever you’d like for a description

Sometimes we lose sight of the task at hand. Despite the presence of a logo and a job title, there are no further details. That isn’t a problem. Because you must now provide conditions beneath a certain timeline. When it’s time to do it, the smartphone will notify you of the job’s entire name, start time, and precise tasks. That should be plenty to get you started. It is possible to add an unlimited number of titles. To delete a description, click the x next to it. Suitable for any situation or task.

Customize the app to meet your requirements.

You can configure several settings in this application to improve its performance. That is not something that many calendar apps allow you to accomplish. You can alter the subject or font size to see the material most effectively. At the same time, make sure that the application is constantly shown on the lock screen so that it does not reset. The program also supports memos and, of course, notifications.

Download the latest version of LockScreen Calendar – Schedule MOD APK

Still, LockScreen Calendar – Schedule is one of the applications for booking and scheduling a daily work schedule. You will not miss any important work hours if you have this calendar app on your smartphone.

And, in order to get the most out of this program, we strongly advise you to download the LockScreen Calendar – Schedule MOD APK from our website. With this MOD, you may use all of the Pro features for free instead of paying $0.99 for each one. Furthermore, the MOD will remove all unwanted adverts, providing you the best experience possible.

And to get the best of this app, we highly recommend you to download the LockScreen Calendar – Schedule MOD APK on our website. With this MOD, you can enjoy all the Pro features for free instead of paying $0.99 for each of them. Additionally, the MOD will remove all annoying advertisements, giving you the smoothest experience.

MOD features:

  • Pro unlocked
  • No ads


So, it’s time to download LockScreen Calendar – Schedule MOD APK and keep track of all your to-dos and schedules.



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