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Feb 24, 2021
Mar 22, 2024
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Do you know how everyone has their phone with them at all times? Well, there’s a good chance you might be one of those people. But if your battery is low and it won’t charge anymore or your screen keeps flickering on and off then make sure to download Always On Edge for free from Google Play!


This app has everything you need and more to customize your Android experience. In this beautifully designed user interface, there is a wide variety of settings available for both light as well as LED screen customization which can be useful in different situations such as charging mode or wallpaper selection! There are so many colors, styles, and effects you can achieve while using this app. You could adjust brightness or even change your clock to another time zone with just one tap!

Introducing LED Edge Lighting

Do you have a smartphone now? It’s not good to know that certain features are unavailable. Luckily, there is always an app such as Always On Edge which can customize your settings and make things easier for yourself. In this App, one could do things like changing the wallpaper or headset to configure how they want their phone call experience! The best thing about this app is that you can change the colors and notifications to suit your taste. There are other useful features, like being able to choose which wallpapers appear on each type of light setting or even adding new ones for variety! You also get access to so many customization options it’s hard not to find what suits one’s preference- though there might be something more exciting than anything else out there in terms of creativity here.


Explore the LED Edge Lighting feature

There’s nothing more annoying than having your LED display break. However, there are plenty of things you can do in Always On Edge! Here is how:

Notice of LED Edge Lighting

Sometimes, accidents happen and one of these accidents could be your notification light suddenly broken. It is a nuisance if your smartphone doesn’t function like it should because billions depend on their phones for work or personal use every day; without proper functionality, they become useless to them! Now you can have a notification light on your phone working 24/7! With Always-On Edge, this app is capable of much more than just an LED light. You can change the color and intensity as well as control where it shines even if that’s not at all close to what would be ideal for whatever task needs attention most urgently right now.

Various designs and colors

Not only are there an endless number of colors and styles for your notification light, but you can also mix-and match them. Choose between a simple or more sophisticated look with this app! If that’s not enough variety in one small package then we don’t know what is: set it around the notch–or throughout all four corners if preferred (it’ll blend seamlessly).

Live Wallpaper

You can also find wallpapers in this app! Thanks to the attractive and creative designs, your phone will look great with one of these backgrounds.


Customize settings to your liking

With the app, you can set reminders and alarms for yourself. You’re able to adjust how bright your notifications are as well as when it switches from Do Not Disturb mode or if there’s an option on whether or not we should allow consistent background noises like traffic sounds during certain hours.


Want your incoming calls to appear on the screen with shimmering lights all around? The following will introduce everyone to an excellent application for those who love the edge lights on the corner of the phone screen. LED Edge Lighting: Edge Notification on Call & SMS is the software that supports the reflective lights you want on the market today. Using this app will make your phone more awesome. This application is supplemented with four beautiful rounded corners on your phone’s home screen and lock screen.


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