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Free download the latest version of LayerPaint HD Premium APK (Paid)

Drawing has always been a pleasurable hobby and a rewarding profession. People used to draw with a piece of paper and a pencil back in the day. That is no longer the only way to do it nowadays. Having the best drawing app for Android on your phone or tablet allows you to draw whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

There is a plethora of apps to choose from. Some of them will include the fundamentals and are intended for beginners. Others provide professional artists with hundreds of tools.

We have the LayerPaint HD Premium APK to help you whether you are looking for a drawing app to pass the time or for professional use. But first, let’s get to the point.

What can we do with Layer Paint HD?

Some believe that nothing can replace the sensation of painting with a brush on canvas, but we also live in an era when digital art is becoming more popular. Digital art posters are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, more people want them. They’re also useful for visually relaying information, which is especially useful if you’re not good with words.

LayerPaint HD Premium APK

There are numerous drawing apps for Android that can assist you in sketching your ideas and increasing your creativity. And one of the best options is Layer Paint HD. With its useful features, this app will easily assist you in taking your ideas and bringing them to life with a fully detailed color gamut.

Compatibility with various devices

In LayerPaint HD, users will find a list of devices with which the app is compatible, and some devices with S.Pen will work perfectly with the app’s features. A Wacom tablet with full support is an absolute must-have.

Make use of various brushes

After you’ve experimented with LayerPaint HD, you’ll frequently take the time to explore the brushes you’ve acquired. You will currently have access to 17 brushes, including two water color brushes (soft and hard), a finger blender, two pens, a pencil, three watercolor scatter brushes, four scatter brushes, an airbrush, two bitmap brushes, and a droid brush (makes little android icons).

All of the watercolor brushes have the ability to be set to mix their colors. The scatter brushes are particle brushes with pattern designs. Crosshatch textures are used on the bitmap brushes. You can edit the brush settings and save them as new brushes.

Use multiple layers 

Multiple layers are available in the app to help you paint a complex image. Each layer has unique characteristics. Users can easily add or remove any of the five overlays available in the app, and they can crop those layers as well.

Apply effects to the layers you’re working with.

The various effects and layers that you can apply to the image are an intriguing point that you will not overlook. They can be thought of as image editing application filters that add new features to the image that the color palette cannot. As a result, you’ll be able to produce stunning images and export them in a variety of file formats. You can also make good use of PSD with the app.

LayerPaint HD Premium APK

Customizable user interface

The ability to customize the UI is another great feature of this app. The color picker, brushes, and layers can all be turned on and off, as well as the undo/redo bar and the line smoothing function bar.

What is special about Layer Paint HD Premium APK of TechToDown?

LayerPaint HD, as you can see, includes layers, filters, pen pressure, canvas rotation, a paint bucket, and a gradient function. Overall, it’s a great app. It, in particular, has a pro version that includes some additional premium features. However, you must upgrade to a Premium account.

However, if you do not have enough money to purchase the Pro version of this app but still want to use all of its premium features, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with the LayerPaint HD Premium APK, which will provide you with all of the premium features without cost.

MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads


All said and done! So, what are you waiting for? Download LayerPaint HD Premium APK right now and make the most of it to create stunning masterpieces.


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