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Do you want to listen to audiobooks, read excellent biographies, research Indian literature, and much more on the planet? Kuku FM MOD APK is an Android application that can be downloaded and installed right now to your device. Continue reading this article to learn more about the fascinating app.


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Introduce about Kuku FM

The most popular Audiobook app in India is Kuku FM. You’ll find more than 10 categories of Audio Books, from Science, Economics, Motivation, and Management to more abstract themes like Horror and Love with over 10,000 titles available and being updated on a daily basis.


You can discover any book in any category using Kuku FM. Not only the topics I just mentioned, but also the Most Read, Newest, and Most Loved… Classics and brand new works from Think and Grow Rich | Chanakya Niti | Swami Vivekananda | The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are all available.

Audiobooks, a new generation of reading tools

Literature and philosophy have nourished human civilization for millions of years. Reading books is the quickest, most significant method to learn about a generation’s culture. The newest technology has allowed us to make reading faster, easier, and more convenient. Audiobook apps are one such innovation.


Unfortunately, each audiobook program has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Each will focus on a certain theme or genre of book. Kuku FM is also an excellent resource for learning more about Indian literature or literary works inspired by Buddha’s homeland.

Kuku FM’s mystical capacity for narrating audiobooks

There are a few individuals nowadays that can read a lot of books. Even if you have a huge bookshelf at home, there are undoubtedly some parts that are only used for decoration (I do too). Even if you’re listening to an audiobook, the typical reading speed that can be absorbed in a day is probably around three hundred pages, implying you should simply focus on listening rather than working, talking to others, or doing anything else. Kuku FM offers an option for chatting with friends while summarizing a lot of information from the book at the same time: Audiobook summary! WOW!


With this function, you can listen to any book in the application library and finish it in less than 30 minutes. The book summary is extremely brief, to the point, and comprehensive with all of the information, allowing you to save time while also offering all of the necessary information simply and naturally. Kuku FM is the smarter option to reading in its entirety. Choose from over 10,000 famous books and listen in less than 30 minutes with Audiobook Summary! Not only does it save you time, but it also distills all of the information you need into a simple format! Popular books from diverse categories such as motivation, self-reliance, spirituality, and business are available in your language. Let me show you how many people utilize this amazing function: here is a list of the most summarized Audiobooks on the Kuku FM app. Rich Dad Poor Dad | रिच डैड पुअर डै, The Power of Habit | पॉवर ऑ , Small Habits | To build habits that last, start with something easy like taking one step forward after another throughout your day.

About Kuku FM MOD APK version

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

What does Kuku FM Premium offer?

  • Turn off the radio or TV and focus on reading.
  • Every day, new audiobooks are added.
  • Download any of your favorite novels to listen to while offline.
  • Every time you enter the app, there are always suggested lists with material that is relevant to your interests.
  • Sleep timer
  • Choose from a selection of book recommendations and share them with friends on WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, or email.
  • You may listen to any book you choose, since it’s illegal.

Download Kuku FM MOD APK for Android

Kuku FM is presently available in Hindi (Hindi), Marathi, Bangla (বাংলা), Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) and Tamil (Tamil). Kuku FM is a wonderful Audiobook choice for those of you who want to practice their Indian language skills while also enjoying literary works of Indian origin, particularly the religious, scientific, and love themes. Kuku FM provides you with the opportunity to listen to audiobooks right here.


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