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Mar 17, 2015
Mar 8, 2023
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Sure, you use your favorite phone every day, and you may find that your phone’s screen is pretty plain and unsophisticated. Do you want to create a wallpaper of your own that is impressive and vivid? KLWP Pro Apk will provide interesting features to help you create live wallpapers according to your wishes. To find out what exciting information this app has to offer, continue reading this post.

Introducing to KLWP Pro Apk

KLWP Pro is a great app for your Android device, developed by Kustom Industries. This app will give your phone a new and interesting look by using animation as the theme for your phone screen.

You can also create themes for your customizations or use the diverse theme templates available in the app. With this app, you can create fresh, lively live wallpapers with your creativity and the features this app has to offer.

Why should you download KLWP Pro Apk?

KLWP Pro Apk

KLWP Pro Apk is a modified version of this app we provide for free on our website Techtodown. With our version, you won’t have to pay $5.99 to download this app from Google Play. You can fully enjoy all the useful features without paying any fee because our version will provide you with unlocked pro features to unlock all features in this app. Download this app and enjoy many premium features such as:

  • No ads.
  • Unlock pro

Highlight Features Of KLWP Pro Apk

A user-friendly interface

KLWP Pro has a user-friendly interface that you can easily use to create your own favorite images. You can rapidly create a nice interface by clicking or adjusting parameters. You will be given detailed instructions on how to utilize it when starting use this app. You can consider this app as part of your phone system because you can customize the phone’s interface.

Personalize the images and animations

With KLWP Pro, you can personalize the images and animations that are available in the app. You can also further personalize the phone’s interface by adding Apps widgets, Apps icons, Animated Patterns, Clock, and other features.

You can download one of the supported launchers, such as Google Now Launcher or Nova Launcher, for the app to perform properly. These two Launchers both support KLWP applications very well.

Customize the app’s icon

With KLWP Pro, the interface of everything on your Home Screen can be customized. You can customize the app’s icon by editing effects, fonts, colors, sizes, so on.

You can also alter the appearance of the program by altering forms such as ovals, rectangles, arcs, triangles, hexagons, and so on. With this feature, you can completely design the Apps icons and personalize them to your own style.

KLWP Pro Apk

Alter your wallpaper based on your activities

Many measuring platforms are available in KLWP Pro such as Google Fitness, weather websites, music widgets, and so on. As a result, the app will be able to alter your wallpaper based on the activities you’re doing.

Calories, steps, distance, song playing, temperature measurements, and other information will be displayed on your phone’s screen fast. You can see that information without having to unlock your phone.

Display full data connected

KLWP Pro can display full data connected to the phone device, including date, time, battery life, calendar, CPU speed, Wifi, phone alerts, and so on, in addition to information about the phone user. For any user, this will undoubtedly be vital and beneficial information. Furthermore, the app will support whatever you require on the wallpaper it generates.


Question 1: Can download KLWP Pro Apk for free?

Yes. You can completely install, and freely use all the premium features of the app to design your own impressive, creative wallpapers without paying anything.

Question 2: How much memory space do I need in my phone to download KLWP Pro Apk?

This app is light in size that your devices only need 1.8M space.


KLWP Pro Apk is a great tool to help you change the look of your beloved phone. You are free to use your creativity to adjust new images, icons, wallpaper designs for your phone. Your phone will look more beautiful and impressive with a fresh and unique interface created by you. Download the edited version on our website and use it for free.


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