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If you are looking for an entertaining game in your spare time, experience Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk now. This is an idle game where you will have countless opportunities to earn money from turning trash into cash and you will have a chance to become a junkyard tycoon. With the attractive features of this tycoon simulation game, you will have moments of great entertainment, compared to discovering these attractive features right away.

Introduce Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk

Junkyard Keeper Mod APK is an exciting tycoon simulation game, published byZPLAY Games. In this game, you will take on the task of running a scrap yard business and your daily job is to collect garbage, recycle it and sell it for money.

Junkyard Keeper MOD APK TechToDown

The game will provide you with tons of money-making opportunities, so you need to be creative to handle the scrap and turn it into cash. Take on scrap collection missions, make a successful business and become a scrap tycoon in this game.

Highlight Features of Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk

Simple and interesting gameplay

This game has simple and interesting gameplay where you will assume the role of a junkyard owner and manager. Your goal in this game is to maintain a productive and efficient junkyard. To achieve the goal, you will need to overcome numerous challenges such as delivery deadlines, a lack of resources, and angry customers.

Junkyard Keeper MOD APK free download

To get more profit, your business operations must be clever and effective. You need to make sure your scrap business is profitable and you also need to recycle as much trash as you can to maximize revenues. With an interesting gameplay, you can earn money in different ways and enjoy this idle game.

Hire more vehicles

To do the job of collecting scrap in this Junkyard Keeper game, you will need to employ individuals to sift and collect the trash. If you want to collect garbage more quickly you will need to hire more vehicles such as vacuum trucks, grinders, and even aircraft.

When you invest in more cars, the game allows you to continuously reinvest your money into your company. In addition, you can also update the cars in the game to make them faster, more capable, and other improvements.

Upgrade the equipment and facilities

To help you run your company, this game provides you with many facilities such as a recycling machine, a rubbish storage area, and a machine for sorting recycling. You can upgrade the equipment and facilities in the game to hold more trash and earn more money. In addition, when you upgrade the facilities, you will see more fresh animations, thereby increasing the enjoyment and attraction of this game.

Give you a large space

Besides many facilities and equipment, this game also gives you a large space to store all kinds of scrap. You can store more trash and make more money if you unlock more sections. You will be able to expand your business more quickly and make more money if you access more places and perform many interesting tasks in this game.

Junkyard Keeper MOD APK Download

Great graphics

Junkyard Keeper has great graphics to give you the most impressive game experience. You can watch what’s happening in all the areas from a top-down perspective.

You will see automatic worker transitions from collecting to sorting and recycling will occur and your account will receive the money right away. This game is a simple management game to play and you will experience smooth car and machine movement in this game.

What is special in Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk?

Junkyard Keeper Mod apk is a modified version of the game that is provided for free on our website Techtodown. This mod version of them only provides you with many advanced features for you to have the best experience, and without any fees.

In addition, you will also receive free rewards and freely unlock items and vehicles when experiencing this mod. You just need to download our mod version and experience the full features of this scrap collecting business simulation game.

Mod features:

  • Free rewards

Junkyard Keeper MOD APK (Free Rewards)


Q1: Is Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk safe to download and play?

A1: Yes, Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk available on our website is thoroughly verified and checked for any malicious software. It is completely safe to download and play.

Q2: Do I need to root my device to install this mod apk?

A2: No, our mod version of Junkyard Keeper does not require your device to be rooted. You can simply install it like any other application.

Q3: Can I play Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk offline?

A3: Yes, Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk can be played offline, but some features might be limited or unavailable without an internet connection.

Q4: How can I get unlimited money in the game?

A4: By downloading and installing the mod version from our website, you will have access to features such as free rewards and the ability to unlock items and vehicles, leading to an almost unlimited supply of resources for your gameplay.

Q5: Will there be updates for Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk?

A5: Yes, we aim to provide updates for the mod apk in line with the official game’s updates to ensure the best gameplay experience for our users.


In conclusion, Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk stands out as a remarkably engaging tycoon simulation game that combines the thrill of managing a scrap yard with the strategic need to optimize, upgrade, and expand. Its user-friendly gameplay, alongside the array of functional upgrades and visually appealing graphics, ensures a unique gaming experience that is both entertaining and rewarding. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player seeking a new challenge, this game, especially with the mod features provided, offers an immersive opportunity to explore the intricacies of running a successful scrap business. With continuous updates and an actively engaged community, players can look forward to evolving gameplay and endless hours of fun. Download Junkyard Keeper Mod Apk and start your journey to becoming the ultimate junkyard tycoon.


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