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Do you enjoy playing obstacle games? If that’s the case, you’ll love Jelly Shift MOD APK! It is a casual obstacle game in which you play as a jelly and navigate through various tight spaces and barriers. Change the shape and form of the Jelly to overcome the various challenges and obstacles that come your way.

Introducing to Jelly Shift


Without a thing in common with the casual games developed by studios like Ketchapp or Voodoo, Jelly Shift‘s creators have nailed it with a title that features extremely simple gameplay but enough difficulty to keep it interesting, as well as a fantastic design.

As is typical of games in this category, we’ll be controlling a jelly block that must navigate a platform in an abstract scenario. Our goal is to avoid crashing into anything or falling off the edge by swiping our fingers up and down to change the jelly’s shape.


Meanwhile, we’ll need to collect gems as we progress so that we can customize our character with different skins. To make the game more fun and visually appealing, you can customize Jelly with different Jelly characters, such as animals and superheroes. There are hundreds of fun levels to complete, each with its own twists and turns! The game’s progressive difficulty on each level ensures hours of entertainment. As a result, even if it appears to be simple, don’t be fooled; it will soon become difficult.

How to play Jelly Shift?

Jelly Shift is a simple game to learn. To make Jelly fit through the obstacles, simply swipe up and down. If you want to get a high score, avoid collapsing into obstacles. You must be quick and inventive if you want to shapeshift your way through the levels! There will also be some additional tips and tricks to help you progress through the levels.


This is possibly the best and most obvious tip. The “FEVER” energy bar at the top of the screen will continuously increase if you pass through the gate perfectly (the shape of the jelly block resembles the shape of the gate). Green armor will protect you until the FEVER energy bar is depleted. This is an invincible state; the jelly is not only safe, but it can also destroy all the gates in a short period of time.


Pay attention to the gaps.

To pass through the gates, you do not need to change the shape of the quartz to the perfect level. The reason for this is that it will take a long time to change the shape most precisely, while the game’s pace is constantly increasing. As a result, FEVER is only appropriate if the game speed is not too fast, the gates are not too close together, and you have good playing skills.

Gather items

You might come across some fruits on your way to your destination, such as apples, watermelons, or ice cream sticks. Attempt to pass through the gates and collect them. The system will reward you with 50 purple jewels for each item you collect, and if you collect three items, the system will reward you with an additional 100 purple diamonds. So, what exactly does diamond do? Diamonds are used to purchase more unusually shaped gems or skins to create a more beautiful effect.

Download the latest Jelly Shift MOD APK at TechToDown

Looking for a game with personality, charm, excitement, and laid-back fun? Jelly Shift has it all in a uniquely squeezy package, with the ideal mix of intuitive gameplay, super-cute environment, and gently challenging levels that adapt and expand.

Even better, Jelly Shift MOD APK is available at TechToDown to enrich your gaming experience. By using this MOD to your advantage, you will have the Unlimited coins option for purchasing special shaped gems and skins.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • All skins unlocked
  • No ads


Are you ready to experience a jelly fever by navigating the barriers without collapsing? Download Jelly Shift MOD APK right now to have hours of flexible flowing fun. Get to the finish line as quickly as possible to become the best jelly obstacle player! Enjoy the fun music and a variety of environments. Play through hundreds of levels, each with its own set of challenges and obstacle courses. Now is the time to play the slimiest, slinkiest, and jellyliest obstacle Jelly Shift game!



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