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Jan 18, 2019
May 28, 2024
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Idle Planet Miner Mod APK is the most popular idle clicker and simulation game among fans of the genre. In Idle Planet Miner, the user will journey to a faraway planet with a vast amount of minerals, valuable metals, and stones deep within. Let’s get started with Idle Planet Miner‘s hard adventure by downloading and playing right now.

What can we expect from Idle Planet Miner?

Tech Tree Games has released Idle Planet Miner, a simulation game. You can mine ores, rare metals, and other resources on a variety of planets throughout the game. Not only that but there are plenty of intriguing things to uncover.

Idle Planet Miner is a game that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The game is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Idle Planet Miner is also suitable with tablets such as the iPad.


You will need mining equipment that can dig holes of any depth to collect them. The player will be able to update his whole fleet during the transfer, improving its effectiveness. You may also engage qualified specialists to assist you to enhance your profits from this business.

Interesting gameplay

When you join Idle Planet Miner, you will be transformed into an extraterrestrial mining engineer who will be joined by your lovely assistant Luna. Your mission is to sail a spacecraft that mines ores and precious metals under Luna’s supervision. You and your spacecraft will come to a halt in space, where countless undiscovered worlds await you. These planets have valuable minerals, and when you click on them, the appropriate information appears for your reference. To make money, you will land your ship on these planets and begin mining and mineral production centers. Upgrade your gear as you earn more cash to dig deeper into the globe and be more productive. You may expand your mining outside the solar system to other stars in the galaxy from there.


Begin extracting resources from planets

You will be the manager of a space mining company in Idle Planet Miner. You will begin mining resources on a few neighboring planets right now. In the game, you may mine resources on a variety of worlds. Balor, Drasta, Anadius, Dholen, Verr, and others, for example. However, you will need cash to begin mining on the new planet. Furthermore, each planet will be self-sufficient in terms of resources. In addition, when in idle mode, you may see how much your galaxy has expanded. When you are not playing, this will earn you ores and money. Idle Planet Miner also has a number of objectives for you to do in order to win unique prizes. Collecting 50 iron ore, for example, will get you $150. Appointing a planet curator, on the other hand, will give you 20 dark matters (purple orbs). Comets, meteorites, and other intriguing events can occur in space in the game. Smash them with your finger to acquire rare ores.


Improve your mining ship’s production

The global demand is expanding every day. As a result, you will need to mine even more ore to meet demand around the galaxy and optimize earnings. You must enhance the mining planets in order to do so. This will help in the expansion of your ore storage capacity. There will be three components for you to enhance the planets on each planet. The rate of mining, as well as the speed of the ship and cargo, are all factors to consider. You will be able to mine more ore if these components are greater. Your ship’s speed will also rise at the same moment.


In the Idle Planet Miner, you may enhance mining, ship, and cargo speed for 5 minutes. If your ship’s speed is too high, it will appear as a beam, and resources will be transmitted in target groups once per second. As a result, you will not be able to view your ship. You may also boost the output of faraway planets by formatting them.

Upgrade your manager

You may employ managers in Idle Planet Miner to increase your output. Upgrading managers can also help you expand your skills. The game allows you to customize the names of the managers in specific. Your supervisors will be easier to recall if their names are familiar to you. Furthermore, the publisher has created and launched a massive project to keep you engaged while playing Idle Planet Miner. Melting or crafting ores can transform them into more valuable goods. Smelting 1000 copper ores, for example, can yield a copper bar. Alternatively, iron ore will be used to create iron nails. Idle Planet Miner still has a lot of valuable things that you can make. When you have enough ore, your smelter will automatically start cooking and continue to operate while you are away. As a result, you will not waste a lot of time.


A great way to unwind

Players will mine minerals in space by constructing mining centers on a variety of planets using basic gameplay. Idle Planet Miner Mod will appeal to a wide range of gamers, from youngsters to adults. Furthermore, when playing the game, you do not need to think too much. After a hard day at work, you may unwind with Idle Planet Miner. When playing, you will not have to bother about connecting to the Internet. Because Idle Planet Miner may be played without an internet connection. In live multiplayer tournaments, you may compete against other players. This adds to the game’s appeal.

Stunning graphics

The game is easy to play because of the simple visuals. Idle Planet Miner‘s wallpaper depicts a galaxy with millions of stars. It will transport you to an enormous universe. Furthermore, soft background music is always playing while you play. This will provide you with a pleasant atmosphere. You may, however, turn off the music and sounds in the game’s Settings if you don’t want to bother others. Idle Planet Miner APK version with unlimited money will assist you in upgrading mining ships in order to dramatically enhance productivity. Be a forerunner in the search for alien life. Improve the efficiency of your mining ship’s construction and development. Idle Planet Miner MOD APK may be downloaded from the link below.

How to play Idle Planet Miner Mod APK easily?

To begin the game, simply begin clicking to mine rare metals. The mining job will be done automatically by the employees using the spaceships. The mined resources will be carried to the mother ship, where they will be stored. Hire specialized mining managers to assist you in digging deep, selling ores, crafting alloys, and more! To increase the pace of resource extraction, upgrade your Mining Ships and planets. Profits will rise, and more precious resources will be extracted to aid in the expansion of your empire across the galaxy. Planets, on the other hand, are not accessible, and you will have to spend money to begin your mining operation. Your job will substantially rise as you access new planets. Hire additional workers and managers at that time to minimize workload and increase revenues. Many fascinating phenomena, such as comets and meteorites, may be found in space. Crush them as they appear and fly over to acquire rare minerals. You will, without a doubt, make a lot of money.


Idle Planet Miner is an idle game in which you simply click and click without having to think too much, similar to a puzzle or role-playing game. This is a fun game with gorgeous visuals that depicts the wonders of the universe through the planets of the solar system. Idle Planet Miner Mod APK is now on a trip to discover the fascinating galaxy.


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