Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK v1.1.22 (Speed Multiplier)

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Oct 30, 2023
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Download Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK to collect over one hundred unique huntresses, each with their own story.

About Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK

Characters in Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK are brought to life by animators and voice performers. Increase their level and guide them to victory against the evil powers afflicting the Isekai planet. Learn about some remarkable hunters and their exclusive tips. Become renowned as the one who ended the dragon king’s rule!

In Idle Huntress, the female hunters are waiting for you to display your bravery: Use your skills for adventure. Bring about their victory over the quickly advancing evil horde. We cannot be overcome by darkness so easily. Destroy the evening’s generated minions with no mercy. Bring honor to the nations who are wracked by cruelties. The luxury of living will never be extended to the undeserving. The sharp weapons you have in these hands will be used to punish them.

Turn become a huntress and begin dragon hunting. Each huntress you may interact with, level up, and acquire in Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK has a different backstory. become renowned as the one who ended the dragon king’s rule. Join the gorgeous hunters. Gather the more than 100 awakened huntresses and guide them to victory over the evil powers threatening the Isekai planet. Learn about some remarkable hunters and their exclusive tips.

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Variety of hunters

The hunters in Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK are usually attractive and skillful. To obtain it, you must use the fortunate box’s summoning technique. Each hunter has their own appeal, as

we shall see. Their bizarre weaponry can be used to afflict their adversaries. The influence is rather significant when these people are combined into a group.

Gives you to experiment and create unique teams. Players will be tasked with hunting skilled hunters. From there, they have amassed for themselves a sizable collection of renowned hunters. You unlock additional characters as you play more.

Valuable equipment

The treasure that hunters can own is the equipment in Idle Huntress: Adventure Mod APK. They can effectively utilize their dreadful power thanks to these treasures. They might be separated based on intrinsic characteristics. White, green, blue, purple, and yellow are the most worn-out colors. The fortunate spins in the store will contain legendary gold goods.

You must finish it in the boss-slaying duplicates as well. You may access some of the hidden qualities by gathering enough of the same kind. You didn’t anticipate the character, who was already powerful, to become stronger than normal.

Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK latest version

Defeating the bosses

Destroy the bosses at the entrance to advance to the next storyline. No one is able to access the huge power source they have. Control the vast territories and obey the powerful dark lord’s commands. To face them, your squad must muster the strength it requires.

In Idle Huntress: Adventure Mod APK, the battle will be more fierce than normal and you will have a much less chance of winning.

Join forces with the adorable huntresses

In this isekai universe, there are over 100 intriguing characters waiting for your visit to lead them in the battle against bad forces. Collect and hire these characters. Interact with attractive huntresses to form unique friendships and learn their secrets. Incredible visual design and top-notch voice-over skills.

Beautiful characters are brought to life in this world by gifted designers and voice performers. Here, you will get an unmatched gaming experience with three live 2D appearance types.

Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK for android

Playing using light tactics and the idle feature

Having trouble logging into the Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK game? You do not have time to train your huntswomen? Feel free to do nothing at any time or location! When you are not

playing the game, prizes like gems, coins, EXP, and other resources may be regularly gathered thanks to the hands-free function.

To get ready for an epic fight, just upgrade your characters and consider your formation carefully. Go into the Arena to compete against other players! Remember to modify the configuration for maximum elemental balance and damage output!

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Unbiased gaming system

The dragon world has six different types of elements: earth, water, fire, air, light, and dark. There are no worthless huntresses, and each character has a unique connection to one of the elements.

Your power and probability of winning rely much on how well your battlefield arrangement is planned! You will get access to a lot more priceless huntresses and riches thanks to your high summoning SSR rate, main story completion, and special quest completion!

More gaming features

In Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK, together with your friends, form a guild to take on guild bosses! Create your own Summoner Guild, then join forces with others to vanquish Titans and Gods. In the Arena, challenge your allies to a one-on-one conflict. Explore the Lost Court and the Queen’s Tower for new obstacles to overcome. Those who join the guild can go swimming in Tara with their companions.

Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK


Come join the beautiful huntresses as they go dragon hunting! Great features like the battle system, adventure tasks, idle mode, and huntress gathering, training, and awakening are all available to you. Discover fascinating continents as they are elegantly woven together in a role-playing game plot in Idle Huntress Adventure Mod APK! Select and upgrade champions right now!


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