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Download ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK to take in visually gorgeous cricket matches that are engaging. You will have an endless supply of money to improve your gaming.

About ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK

Are you a cricket fan? India, Pakistan, England, Australia, and many more nations are big fans of this ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK game. There are 11 players on the team, each having a unique role to perform. By striking the ball and sprinting between wickets, one side must score more runs than the other.

A realistic and engaging cricket game experience is available when you download the ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK for Android. This includes competitions like the Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, and World Cup. You may participate in a variety of games, including Tests and ODIs.

The beautiful graphics give you the impression that you are witnessing a live cricket game. The batting, bowling, and fielding controls are simple to use and comprehend. In this way, you may concentrate on scheming and deceiving your rivals.

ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK for android

Frantic cricket action

Are you hoping to see some exciting cricket? You will have an adrenaline-pumping time playing this ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK game since it was made with furious action in mind. Fast paced and realistic gameplay make it both fun and difficult.

You will begin as a novice and advance to the level of a professional player. The road to the top will not be simple, especially considering the competent and seasoned teams you will face. But that’s all part of the fun as you develop your strategies and learn new ones to win every game.

Moreover, you may assemble a squad of well-known players from across the globe. For the team to succeed, make sure you lead them effectively and oversee their development. This will need deliberate decision-making, tenacity, and resolve.

ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK techtodown

Choose from several nations

As you play in tournaments, this ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK game also enables you to represent your nation and instill pride in it. You may choose from several nations, including South Africa, Australia, England, Australia, India, and Pakistan.

Once you have decided which nation you want to represent, you will play for them and try to help them win. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to compete in a World Cup and win the title of the greatest cricket team in the world.

Always dazzle the crowd with a fantastic performance and ensure that your team wins. It is a fantastic chance to represent your country with distinction and highlight its cricketing prowess.

ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK free download

Variety of Fun Game Modes

The creator of this game also included a few options to prevent boredom and keep things fresh. They consist of:

  • Quick Match. With the teams chosen at random, you can play a short match in this mode. It is ideal if you want a quick and enjoyable game. 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 over are all playable. More gaming versatility is possible because of the variety in match lengths.
  • Participate in high-level tournaments, including the Champions Trophy, the World Cup, and the T20 World Cup. Win every game, and the tournament will be judged a success.
  • ICC Vault. You may play historic matches in this mode and change the course of history. The simulation will be as accurate as it can be, giving you the impression that you are reliving the game.
  • Turning Point. This enables you to encounter tight and erratic situations. Your past matches’ turning points will be chosen at random, giving you the opportunity to reverse the situation and alter the result.
  • Match of the Day. You face new trials every day in this mode. You may test and develop your playing abilities by competing in a high-stress game or going up against a powerful squad. Your objective in this mode should be to collect coins and open achievements.
  • World Rivals. You may challenge and compete against gamers from all around the world in this mode. To establish yourself as a top player, display your abilities and go up the scoreboard.

download ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK

Highly Detailed Stadiums

The amount of realism in the stadiums included in this ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK game will appeal to any cricket enthusiast. It will appear to be a professional match, down to the grass on the field and the cheering crowd in the stands.

Feel the energy filling the stadium as you hear the supporters’ yells and cheers as they support their side. You are fully immersed in the game and each battle is more thrilling because of the realistic graphics.

The international stadiums are real- Each stadium has its distinct architecture and ambiance, giving richness to the gameplay experience.

Effortless and Simple Controls

In addition to the fun gameplay, ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK includes easy-to-use controls. You can easily manage your player while you execute batting, bowling, and fielding movements thanks to the menu system’s simplicity.

As a result, you can concentrate on developing and executing your plan without being distracted by cumbersome controls. To fit your tastes and increase the level of comfort during games, you may modify the controls.

Other Exceptional Features of ICC Cricket Mobile

  • Celebrity Commentators. The commentary in this game is provided by well-known cricket figures, which enhances the realism of each game.
  • Different Day Times. This game incorporates many times of the day to create a genuine match environment. Play a game under the bright sun or beneath the lights of a stadium at night. Each match gains an additional level of realism from the shift in lighting.
  • Player Customization. Create your own player and give them a unique look, set of abilities, and gear. Develop them into the best cricket superstars so they can triumph for your squad.
  • Motion Capture. The realistically recorded player movements in this game enhance the immersive gameplay experience. To relive the thrill of the game, you may even watch your greatest moments in slow motion. Even better, the game’s many camera viewpoints add to the dynamic nature of the action.
  • English/Hindu Languages. This game may be played by a larger audience because it is available in both English and Hindu. In the options, you may change between the languages.
  • 16 International Teams. The 16 international cricket teams represented in this game include intricate player avatars. In the many game styles, you may select your side and help them win.
  • Highly Immersive Sound Systems. This game contains genuine sound effects, from the applause of the audience to the impact of a bat hitting a ball. Furthermore, the excellent commentary makes sure you catch every thrilling minute of the game.

ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK


The pleasure and excitement of international cricket matches are at your fingertips thanks to the ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK. This game provides a very immersive gaming experience thanks to realistic graphics and fluid controls.

Furthermore, you may download the ICC Cricket Mobile Mod APK version to have unlimited money and access to all features. You may totally improve and modify your players in this way to win the ultimate cricket championship.


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