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Oct 28, 2020
Mar 29, 2024
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MOD Info?

Free Download House Flipper MOD APK latest version. Buy, renovate, redecorate, and eventually sell real estate to financially prosper.

  • All skins for tools are unlocked (for this feature to work, you need the Internet and authorization in Google services);
  • Automatic unlocking of items in the store


The player takes on the role of a private renovation company, running through missions, challenges, and gameplay to clean up for profit. The game is available on Android with similar mechanics and diverse content for players to enjoy. In this game, you’ll experience vivid 3D graphics that will create realistic environments, objects, and characters.


The great thing about this is that the environment is interactive, so you can really simulate what it’s like to be there in real life. This game offers a system that simulates everything related to house flipping. For example, when you play, you can experience things like remodeling, changing furniture, and decorating a home. You’ll also be able to destroy something, like a wall or ceiling. The game even provides you with more extravagant spaces to work with, like mansions.

Start your business

Interior design and decoration businesses are popular because of the lack of decor skills or preferences from some people. These types of companies offer renovation services, but it’s also possible for you to run a private cleaning company.


Cleaning can be a pretty stressful job. But in this new game, the player can take on quests (like finding a lost cat!), but things like new equipment and new items, and use functions related to cleaning. Just to make it funnier for you, there are also options to upgrade your company, decorate yourself, move furniture, and change the interior design of your office.

Request to complete an order

The game will have quests, but it won’t have missions for players to choose from. The quests will help players get used to the job and will teach them how to use the company’s various cleaning equipment. Another thing is that the house will gradually get dirtier. The player only needs to change the color of the house until they renovate it. House Flipper’s cleaning simulation is a product of its immersive gameplay; it encourages non-cleaning hobbyists to its world because of how much fun it is.


Intelligent control device

The control mechanism of House Flipper MOD APK for mobile has changed to be smoother than the original PC game. This is helpful because the player can move more easily and interact with the object. The interface also displays all the work-related functions, making it an optimal experience for players. Your player is trying to personalize the interface and can’t. The game will support connecting gamepads for smoother control.

Equipment system upgrade

Cleaning and decorating your house is a complicated thing and experts are needed to do it well. House Flipper MOD APK makes that easier with new support mechanisms. Cleaning professionals will need professional tools such as vacuum cleaners, mops, and more to help them clean fast and remove those pesky stains. The new game will feature a variety of retail systems for company renovation, including many smart devices. From this, players will get an even more enjoyable experience.


Realistic 3D graphics

House Flipper’s PC version will be a highly advanced 3D game. With these new graphics, the game will be able to create an excellent environment and provide beautiful visuals. Lots of new elements await players each time they start building in new locations. However, the game is at its best when players are interacting with their environment. Have you ever wanted to clean your house but found the process unappealing? Now, with the new feature of interactivity, players will be able to enjoy cleaning more than ever. With just one click, the player can remove an old vase of flowers and put it aside. Then, they can place a new vase that is more vivid in order to make the room more interesting.

Follow the right process standards

A surprising way to make cash in this game is by buying an old house, changing its interior design, and selling it. If you buy a house, decorate it, and change its furniture, repeat that process a few times, and put up the house for sale, you can earn enough money to buy new equipment. House Flipper is a PC simulation game with an Android version. It has authentic graphics, rich gameplay, and great graphics. This game is perfect for anyone who wants to try being a construction worker, running a company, or just playing a game.


House Flipper MOD APK – The idea of ​​the game is quite exclusive: buy, renovate, redecorate and, finally, sell real estate, in order to prosper financially. Although the objective of the game is, when we analyze it well, to remain economically healthy, the bet of fun itself is not in this.


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