Homescapes MOD APK 7.0.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Stars)

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Feb 29, 2024
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Homescapes Mod Apk puts you in the place of Austin, the butler and you will be part of Austin’s journey to restore peace and warmth to the family residence.

  • Unlimited Stars (Don’t decrease when spent)


Have you ever thought of a game that covers all, simulation, casual and the puzzle genre and also wraps trust of billion gamers? If not, then let us introduce you the Homescapes Mod Apk. It’s an android game modified with the top-notch scripts enabling you to experience magical features.

An Overview of Homescapes

Homescapes is a pretty interesting adventure cum puzzle game that wins the heart of many people. This is by far, also one of the best building games we have seen for smartphones. It brings to you the awesome experience of building mansions, solving puzzles, chatting, and roleplaying alongside many other adventures. The game has certain Stars, Coins, or Money that you use to complete tasks, build or do something. That is where the Homescapes Mod APK comes to play and provides the users with all the important advantages of getting unlimited assignments. That means that the player will not run out of work during the game and will not have to wait for the work to be refreshed. This makes the gameplay even more engaging and will help the player to earn more coins quickly and ultimately become the best player there.  Keep reading on when we tell you cool things about this app.


Enjoy the exciting features of the game Homescapes

In the realm of mobile gaming, where entertainment knows no bounds, Playrix’s Homescapes stands out as a heartwarming gem. As a part of the Scapes™ series, this game offers an enchanting blend of match-3 puzzles, interior design, and a captivating family narrative. Join Austin on his journey to restore a magnificent mansion, one puzzle piece at a time, and explore the myriad features that make Homescapes a must-play for gaming enthusiasts of all ages.

Homescapes: Restoring Dreams, One Puzzle at a Time

At its core, Homescapes is a unique and engaging game that revolves around solving match-3 puzzles. Players immerse themselves in a delightful storyline that follows Austin’s efforts to bring a once-grand mansion back to its former glory. With every successful puzzle solved, new chapters of the family story unfold, creating a truly immersive gaming experience.

Unleash Your Creativity Through Interior Design

One of Homescapes‘ standout features is its emphasis on interior design. As you journey through the game, you hold the reins to decide the mansion’s aesthetic destiny. From the kitchen to the hall and even the orangery, you have the power to choose furniture, decorations, and design elements. With thousands of design options available, you can embrace your inner designer, changing layouts and styles whenever inspiration strikes.


Thrilling Match-3 Levels

Homescapes offers a plethora of match-3 levels that promise hours of excitement and challenge. Swap and match pieces to overcome obstacles and unlock boosters that lead to explosive combinations. With each level you conquer, you get closer to renovating and transforming the mansion into a cozy haven.

Exploring the Mansion’s Secrets

Beyond the puzzles and design choices lies a vast, beautiful mansion filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered. As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover hidden corners and mysterious nooks that add depth to the storyline. Each room you renovate brings you one step closer to revealing the mansion’s captivating history.

A Cast of Charming Characters

Homescapes isn’t just about renovating bricks and mortar; it’s also about building relationships. The game introduces a cast of endearing characters who interact with each other through an in-game social network. Watch them live their lives, share their stories, and develop connections that add a personal touch to the gaming experience.

homescapes-mod-apk-latest version

Meet Your Furry Companion

As you navigate the mansion’s twists and turns, you’ll encounter a mischievous and fluffy feline friend. This cute pet adds a touch of whimsy to the game, bringing smiles and laughter as it joins you on your journey.

Share the Joy with Friends

Homescapes offers a chance to share joy with your real-life friends through integration with Facebook. Invite your friends to join you in creating a cozy atmosphere within the mansion. Collaborate on designs, share ideas, and celebrate each other’s successes as you work together to restore the mansion to its former glory.

Balancing Free Play and In-Game Purchases

Homescapes embraces the “free to play” model, allowing players to dive into the experience without any upfront cost. However, the game does offer in-game items that can be purchased using real money. If you prefer to keep your gaming experience free from these purchases, you can easily disable this option in your device’s Restrictions menu.


What makes Homescapes Mod APK so special?

With nearly 5,000 levels in the game growing every week, you will need to put in a lot of effort to be able to redevelop your home. The higher lever you reach, the more difficult it is so chances are you will spend all possible boosters. Then the developers lead you to the possibility of buying in-game currency for the fastest level completion. However, we can offer you an alternative – the Homescapes Mod APK.

Enjoy the infinite money to purchase puzzle boosters

Android games often consist of lots of in-app purchases. And the Homescapes is no exception. It contains an in-game currency named coins. These coins offer you various home assertions, making the game easier to play. But still, it may be a little damn challenging to get the coins earned in a short time. Don’t bother, this is no longer a big concern once you install the Homescapes MOD APK. The mod version will grant you endless coins, which will make it easy to complete the puzzles. So what’re you waiting for? Download it right now to get unlimited coins and purchase infinite puzzle game boosters.


Unlock all the exceptional rooms and outer world

The Homescapes game is entirely based on homes, rooms, and sceneries. Moreover, the main motto behind the creation of Homescapes can make you experience everything more realistically. However, you need to complete enormous tasks to unlock one-by-one single asset in your home. It can be annoying and disappointing if you fail the level time by time. But this isn’t a struggle that much if you have got an alternative option like Homescapes MOD APK. It’s a splendid version that offers you every room unlocked at the beginning of the game. That’s wonderful, right?

Play endlessly with never-ending lives

Homescapes have the same creation as the candy crush that works on the form of lives. This means that you can only play the puzzles while having the lives. If you have gone out of life, you need to wait for gaining them again to start the game to solve puzzles. Otherwise, you cannot move to the next level. Would you like to bypass this crisis too? Just install the Homescapes MOD APK and you will get unlimited lives. So don’t worry about anything, enjoy playing endless even after losing limitless with the help of infinite lives.

How to download and install Homescapes Mod APK?

So, you have it all – these premium features of Homescaspes Mod APK? Would you like to try playing this game now? If yes, follow our simple steps to get it installed on your phone. Have a look at these steps right now:

  • Firstly, you have to uninstall the old version to prevent errors during the installation process.
  • Then you should enable the unknown resources in your devices. Get this done by following these easy steps: Go to Settings=>Security=>Tap the Enable to allow the Unknown Sources
  • Now it’s time to download the Homescapes Mod APK and then wait for it to complete
  • Find the APK in the downloaded folder and tap to install it
  • When it is done successfully, you can enjoy this interesting game with many benefits.

Homescapes Mod APK is a great time killer. What are you waiting for? It’s time to challenge the puzzles and redecorate Austin’s house without spending any real money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Homescapes available on both iOS and Android platforms?

Yes, Homescapes is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, allowing a wide range of players to enjoy the game.

2. Are there any time limits for completing match-3 levels?

No, there are no time limits for completing match-3 levels. You can take your time to strategize and solve each puzzle at your own pace.

3. Can I change my design choices after they’ve been implemented in the mansion?

Absolutely! Homescapes offers the flexibility to change your design choices anytime you want. Experiment with different layouts and styles until you’re satisfied with the result.

4. How often does the game release new chapters of the family story?

The frequency of new chapter releases varies, but Playrix consistently provides updates to keep the story fresh and exciting for players.

5. Is there any multiplayer aspect to the game?

While Homescapes doesn’t feature direct multiplayer gameplay, the integration with Facebook allows you to connect with friends and share your progress, designs, and achievements.


Homescapes by Playrix is a heartwarming blend of match-3 puzzles, interior design, and a captivating family narrative. With its unique gameplay, exciting levels, and the opportunity to design your dream mansion, this game offers a truly immersive experience. Embark on a journey of restoration, exploration, and creativity, and let Homescapes become your digital haven where exciting adventures start at the doorstep.


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