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Home Design 3D MOD APK is a wonderful app for both novice and design students. This app allows designers to work in both 3D and 2D formats. Anuman developed the app, which runs on many platforms including PC (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and …), as well as mobile devices ( iOS and Android). The app is created to enhance everyone’s experience. You may quickly and intuitively design and remodel your home in 3D. Everyone can use the app for interior design without paying a penny. Prepare to utilize the app for interior design, and get outstanding results you can be proud of.

Latest Update

Uncover the charm of dormer windows and explore a collection of over 600 fresh textures. Immerse yourself in your Home Design 3D projects through virtual reality with VR export capabilities.


Home Design 3D empowers you to effortlessly craft and revamp your home in stunning 3D. This intuitive tool is designed for all, establishing itself as the ultimate interior design app for achieving professional outcomes effortlessly. Your dream of constructing a multi-story house is now within reach!

Enjoy exciting features in the game

Whether your aspirations lean towards decoration, designing, or the pursuit of crafting your ideal home, look no further than Home Design 3D – the ultimate app catering to your needs:

Create Your Floorplan

  • Get creative in 2D and 3D! Sketch out your plot, rooms, and partitions.
  • Customize wall height and thickness, and experiment with different corner styles.
  • Elevate your design by incorporating resizable doors and windows, perfectly tailored to your vision.


Furnish and Decorate

– Unleash your creativity indoors and outdoors, sculpting both the interior and exterior of your dwelling.
– Take your pick from an extensive array of over a thousand furnishings and accessories. Personalize your decor, showcasing your unique style – whether it’s timeless or the latest trend.
– Exercise complete control by tweaking any object: resize, recolor, reposition, and even alter its elevation on the walls.
– Effortlessly replicate your most cherished items with the convenient copy/paste function.
– If you ever need to backtrack, the undo/redo feature is at your disposal.
– Pinpoint exact colors using the eye dropper tool, extracting existing hues from your plan.
– Enrich the visual tapestry by importing images as textures, applying them innovatively across your design canvas.


Visualize and Explore Your Masterpiece

– Immerse yourself in your masterpiece with real-time 3D visualization, offering a genuine sensation of being within your creation.
– Embark on a journey through your home, the outdoor space, and even the neighborhood, all brought to life with our cutting-edge, lifelike 3D rendering.
– Witness your design’s allure both in daylight and under the cloak of night. Leverage the compass function to pinpoint precisely where sunlight will grace your creation at varying times of the day.

 Import/Export and Spread the Inspiration

– Seamlessly integrate external blueprints by importing them, serving as a backdrop for your ongoing project.
– Extend your creative journey across devices with effortless export, thanks to the harmonious cross-platform functionality.
– Disseminate your ingenious projects through email, Dropbox, OneDrive, and an array of other file hosting services.
– Unveil your finest creations to the vibrant Home Design 3D community on, sharing inspiration and ideas that ripple across the design landscape.

Home design application for amateurs

You may design your own home using Home Design 3D. You can use this app in 2D or 3D mode, as you wish. To begin, you must first acquire the proper property. After that, you create rooms with walls. The software doesn’t restrict itself to divisions; it allows for a lot of creative freedom. You may adjust the height and thickness of the walls to your liking. Then, following the drawing, you create the wall’s corners. Next, doors and windows are added using different pieces of the puzzle. Because each area has its own purpose, you mayalter it in any way that you choose.


Home Design 3D applauds your outstanding interior design talents. You may create and decorate the crib-exterior of your house using the software. The availability of applications allows you to create virtually any home of your dreams in a variety of styles. There are over 1600 furniture items and accessories available through the app. As a result, you have complete creative freedom when utilizing decorations to convey your own style (from traditional to modern, and even trendy). Also, you can modify any ornamental item by adjusting its size, color, position, or height on the wall. Furthermore, the app has a number of helpful supporting features. The convenient copy/paste functionality allows you to repeat your favorites while maintaining the fun. At any time, you may use the Undo/Redo button to go back to the prior operation. This is useful if you make a design mistake immediately after completing it. You can find color using the Eyedropper on any drawing and apply it in any desired location, which keeps the overall design cohesive. Furthermore, images may be imported and used as textures on 3D models in whatever way you desire. This home design application doesn’t restrict your imagination.

Many great features for quality 3D drawings

The integrated rendering feature of Home Design 3D not only allows you to share your design in real time 3D, but it also gives a comprehensive look at your creativity. This lets you to have true-world experiences, as if you were visiting a home in the future. It’s enjoyable to see how realistic 3D rendering looks. You explore every nook and cranny of your house, as well as the outside environment (gardens, parking lots). The game supports both daytime and nighttime images. The light direction function will assist you in determining the orientation of light at different times of day. The more valuable your blueprint is if you can view everything in 3D, the better. An augmented reality (AR) experience is also provided by the most recent upgrade.


With Home Design 3D MOD APK, you may create your own multi-story house as desired with the GOLD PLUS version (depending on the capabilities of your device). This will further enhance your creativity by allowing you to design larger and modern mansions. The app has gotten a lot of attention owing to its ease of use and high quality. The app is presently used by nearly 40 million people all around the world, and has created thousands of high-quality house drawings. The app has numerous useful features for designing a dream house, but it does have some limitations. You can’t, for example, create a basement or include major features like a professional garden design. Alternatively, you may look at “Planner 5D,” which is another popular home design software. This app is very simple to use, and it allows you to create the appropriate interior and exterior designs with ease. In addition, the app aids in planning and viewing your house in 2D and 3D..


Home Design 3D MOD APK is a fantastic app for any lover of interior design. The interface is easy to use and includes 3D mode (which can be changed at various timeframes, such as day/night). As a result, it’s simple to create and modify your home quickly and intuitively. Anyone can use this app; all you have to do is learn how to be a good exterior designer one step at a time. In addition, this app is continually updated and enhanced over time. You may log in and view video training on how to utilize the app and interact with home design fans (from students to experts). Prepare to utilize the application to create high-quality, professional designs.



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