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Mar 30, 2020
May 20, 2024
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If you keep a lot of information, documents, photos, videos, so on your Android phone and want to secure them so that no one else can see even if you borrow your phone, HideX Vip APK will help you. Set a password for your phone easily. This app will help you to hide photos, videos, apps, and internet records on your phone. With this app, you can optimize the security of your device with lots of useful features, so download the app and discover it right away.

What is HideX Vip APK about?

HideX is a useful application that helps you hide documents, information, applications on your Android phone. This application will help you manage the data on your phone smartly and securely.


HideX Vip APK

It combines features such as a locking tool that you can use to lock photo galleries, personal files easily. You can quickly view programs and documents in incognito mode with this app. This useful app will bring you many unique features to hide what you want on your phone.

Outstanding features of HideX Vip APK

2.1. Has a special icon

HideX Vip APK has a special icon that is similar to the icon calculator you use frequently, so no one will notice. In addition, its interface will be equal to that of a built-in calculator program when you click it.

You can also enter a password using this interface, just like you would if you were using a calculator for calculations. This app will provide certain additional capabilities in the event of an intrusion while in use.

2.2. Protect your personal information

HideX will provide you with a feature to help you hide items like images and videos, so it can rapidly protect your personal information. You will need to establish a secure password and decide how you wish to mask your identity while using the program.

You will see two tabs provided by the application: All and Folder. In the All tab, you can see all of your stored media which makes it easier to find the important images/videos you wish to hide. In the Folder tab, you’ll find a slew of other useful features.

2.3. Provides a virtual realm

HideX will help you gain access to restricted content while concealing your true identity. It provides a virtual realm in which activities and internet access are hidden. Thanks to that, you just need to open HideX’s browser and type in the address of the website you wish to see. And then all activities, including network traffic monitoring, location, and so on, are completely anonymous.


HideX Vip APK download

2.4. Offer an exceptionally powerful downloading function

HideX will also provide an exceptionally powerful downloading function allowing you to download files immediately and store them in a secure location. It will work on the web, so all you have to do is type in the internet address of the item you want to download.

There will be a download button displayed next to the files, media, or programs that you have downloaded. You just need to click the download icon and get them.

2.5. Set up a password, security question, and answer

With HideX, you will need to set up a password, security question, and answer to hide media files and apps. This app will help you to secure files and information that you don’t want to share or show to others easily.

HideX Vip APK download free


If you want to hide a certain folder or application, you just need to go to HideX, touch the “+” sign of that folder or application, and browse them. You can add them from real space to HideX and they will be hidden from your device. You’ll also need to use HideX to find them and return them to your library.

2.6. Use icons to disguise yourself

Besides setting a password for security, you can also use icons to disguise yourself so that no one notices you’re trying to hide something. It works like a calculator, with the secret space accessible only after entering the previously set password string and pressing the “=” button.

HideX Vip APK download

Why is HideX Vip APK so special?

HideX Vip APK is a modified version of the app provided for free on our website Techtodown. Our mod version provides you with Vip unlocked features that you can freely enjoy all the advanced features of the app without paying anything.

All features of the app are fully unlocked, so you won’t have to worry anymore when using the app to hide files, apps, or anything in your phone that you don’t want others to see.

Final words

That’s all about HideX Vip APK. You will have peace of mind when securing the information, documents, and programs on your phone with this app. The application will help you hide information and disguise them with the same layer of security as a regular calculator application. Download the app and secure anything in your phone right away.


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