Heroes vs Hordes Survival MOD APK 1.46.0 (Money, Energy)

Released on
Mar 11, 2022
May 28, 2024
157.92 MB
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Mod Info:

  • God Mode
  • Accelerated Experience Gain
  • Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Energy (*never decrease when you spend, need enough first)


Use a variety of weapons and magic to defeat enemies. Take control over legendary heroes, and equip your best armor so you can take on vampires or orcs with ease! Will it be enough? Maybe there are too many bad guys for one person alone- but don’t worry because if things get overwhelming just level up in battle again until they’re manageable. The game isn’t easy though; these aren’t merely simple flesh wounds after all.

Heroes vs Hordes Survival MOD APK

Enjoy the exciting game modes of Heroes vs Hordes Survival

  • You are cornered. Your only chance is to use swords, bows, and magic spells in order to survive! Collect the treasures around you while avoiding swarms of monsters that approach quickly; also watch out for powerful boss fights at every turn.
  • Choose your upgrades wisely in this action-packed game! You’ll need to be strategic and quick-thinking if you want any chance of survival. I’ve played a lot of games lately but this one might just take the cake as my favorite–putting myself right into their shoes is really insightful; it feels immersive playing without even knowing why or what’s going on yet (which seems common with these types). It has such an atmospheric vibe too…I’m sold!
  • Upgrade your talents and take on the Heroes of myth in this new adventure! You can be an agile Knight with his goblin-slayer sword, or maybe a powerful Ranger who hunts down creatures from beyond our world. Unlock each character’s abilities by leveling them up through quests–which will guarantee victory for you at any rate because there are three different endings depending upon how well they’re doing against their foes.
  • Join forces with a group of adventurers and explore new areas! Your journey will take you on an adventure from the haunted forest, through sand dunes filled with deathly silence- activism is not just for forests anymore. You’ll come across many enemies along this path but if they are too much then don’t worry because there’s always help to come soon enough – in forms both good (trustworthy companions) or bad (daring novelty).

Heroes vs. Hordes is a free, fast-paced MMORPG where you must prove yourself as one of two teams – Heroes or Horde! It’s easy to get started with this entertaining game and play it anytime anywhere on your phone.


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