Hermit Lite Apps Browser Mod APK v24.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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Apr 29, 2015
Feb 11, 2024
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Smartphones are a new life-saving tool for many people. They need an ample amount of memory to store all their data and information, which is why developers provide so many Lite apps with lightweight storage needs! Tons of apps will help you save memory and surf the Web faster. Hermit is one such app, with its full name being “Hermit • Lite Apps Browser”. It can be installed on any device without taking up much space or using too many battery hours!

Hermit Lite Apps Browser Premium

Introducing Hermit Lite

The Hermit app is a new way for people to find peace and relaxation in their day. Developed by Chimbori, registered in Redwood Shores California USA this free mobile application can be installed on Android devices running the OS Google Play Store providing unlimited access without any limits or tracking so you don’t have to watch any ads while using it! The main color of the app is orange, which helps users to find what they are looking for. A white background makes it easier for your eyes when scrolling through all these different recipes and cooking tips!

Discover Hermit Lite features

After you’ve installed Hermit, the first thing that will please your eye is a floating action button. Then tap into this search bar for anything from social networking websites and apps such as Facebook or YouTube–all at once within one screen!

Hermit Lite Apps Browser MOD APK Premium

Create Lite apps quickly.

For Hermit the free library that integrates all different social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is one strong point – you can even add your own in! There’s also an app about News from everywhere around the world that will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on no matter where life takes us!

Hermit does not create a new Browser Tab

With Data Saver Mode, the app will help you speed up your browsing by reducing image size. In addition to this feature, JavaScript Blocker makes most websites load faster so that users have an enjoyable experience on their devices!

Protecting your privacy is the third feature.

Hermit is an app that helps you browse the internet privately. It has a built-in VPN so your browsing history, passwords, and location are safe from prying eyes. Hermit also blocks trackers which means there’s no need to worry about being followed online!

Hermit Lite Apps Browser MOD APK Premium Unlocked

The Hermit app is the perfect addition for any user who wants their device to be free of tracking and malware. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, because this firewall protects everyone in every situation! Hermit indeed has several features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, Scriptlet helps you run your custom extension scripts and with support for Google Translate as well! There are also other things like Night Mode allowing users to view any website in dark mode with light text on Android Nougat or above thanks, Multi Window feature increases legibility by decreasing word size when reading longer texts adjustably so everyone can see even without glasses!

Customize Lite apps easily

Hermit makes it easy for everyone to have their app. The Lite App in Hermit has the interface of both desktop and mobile, so you can customize your new browser with all of these features!

Hermit Lite Apps Browser MOD APK Premium

On the THEME tab in CUSTOM mode, change the color of the app icon by choosing from available palettes or create your monogram with the COLOR PICKER tool! You can set many aspects of your new Lite app in the BEHAVIOR tab. Watch everything on Full-Screen Mode or Frameless Mode, block ads to not be disturbed, and much more! There’s an endless number of options so that you adjust it just right for yourself as well as bookmark links within pages which will be very interesting indeed- let’s try creating our own Lighter App now!


Hermit is an app that has many features. Unlike other apps, when you use Hermit there are no ads to watch and it’s easy for people who want an online presence without having their website or blog! You can also create your very own custom Lite version of Hermetic which will show off what you like best about yourself (e-commerce possibilities abound). Creating a new app has never been easier. You can easily create two apps using the free version of Apptentive and get notified when websites publish content thanks to Atom/ RSS Feed Notifications.


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