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You play as a commando attempting to save innocent humans from a zombie attack in Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK. To defend those below, fly your chopper and blast at the zombies from above.

Helicopter Escape 3D – Rescue people from Zombie

Helicopter Escape 3D is a minimalist-style third-person 3D action game. The player will assume the role of a helicopter gunner in this game. The ravenous zombies can be followed owing to the game’s 3D visuals. Tap the screen to throw your weapon at the zombies and give the civilians enough time to leave. You may construct combinations as you shot to kill numerous zombies at once. As the zombies creep across the rooftops of buildings, focus and clear them to defend the population.



Each mission in Helicopter Escape 3D will need the hero to shoot criminals in high-rise buildings or rescue captives escaping from zombies and other enemies. To complete the missions in this game, you must make the most precise shots possible. You will be able to progress to higher levels and acquire more powerful tiny arms if you accomplish tasks.

A panoramic perspective and a lot of resources

You have a panoramic perspective and a lot of resources at your disposal. This fast-paced shooter employs a third-person perspective, making the entire scene and situation relatively simple to comprehend (but mastering it or not is another matter). The advantage of this viewpoint is that you can examine the enemy’s look from all angles and assess their combat skills. The number of villains is endless, and it will continue to grow as they move faster, so the only way to keep track of them is to concentrate on the ones closest to the captives. From then, let’s take things slow and steady; doing anything other will fail.


Creativity to slay many enemies

Of course, no matter how skilled a sniper you are, if the enemy is as numerous as ants, they will eventually close their eyes and surrender. There are many ways for you to use your brains and creativity to slay many enemies in the direst of circumstances. For example, there are a few red gasoline barrels; you wait for opponents to approach them, then fire one shot into the drum; all foes are annihilated at once. Shooting at the piled-up water pipes on the highway, for example, can force the pipes to fall and crush certain opponents.

Extremely amazing objects

There will be some extremely amazing objects along the road in scenes of zombies jumping on captives, such as slow clocks, which you can shoot to make time stand still so you can rescue the hostage.

Your weaponry will be gradually improved as well. You will be armed with a bullet shield in scenarios where the opponent is holding a gun, for example. Using a shield, shooting with a gun, and controlling many items at the same time will increase the game’s difficulty. Doesn’t that imply rising drama? We will have a few additional weapons to pick from in later scenarios, including rifles, long-range firearms, and even rocket cannons that can destroy a group of 3-4 enemies.

Graphics and sounds

The visuals are basic, but they have a great effect. For example, the captive is visible, the enemy can only guess at its identification, such as what kind of enemy it is, and the gunner on the helicopter can be seen from behind, carrying a gun. Players have ample time and space to focus on the crowded enemies behind them when details are moderated and appropriate. The appealing color schemes, from the environment to the characters and the accompanying elements, are, in my opinion, the most essential component of the graphics. The characters’ motions are likewise incredibly gentle and rhythmic. The opposition team is packed, their movement is surprisingly organized, making it appear funny at times. The sound is appealing, and the insane pace of the music grows in direct proportion to the game’s horrible level of the enemy army. Without a cup of coffee, it fully wakes your senses.


Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK version for Android

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Each scenario in Helicopter Escape 3D is brief, but it is in that little moment that you combat the opponent and gain control of the game. The game is entertaining and fast-paced, and the gameplay is novel. If you enjoy speed, give it a shot!


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