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HealthifyMe (Calorie Counter Weight Loss Coach)
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HealthifyMe is a famous dieting and workout app that allows you to exercise at home and lose weight, among other things. Download HealthifyMe Mod APK at TECHTODOWN to get all the premium features fully unlocked right away!

What is HealthfyMe?

For the best training, HealthifyMe provides video lessons. These videos are suitable for both males and females. Workouts for belly fat, abs, biceps, arms, chest, shoulder, quads, and other areas are covered in these lectures.


A proper diet and training program

Every overweight man’s dream is to lose weight, but it is not that simple. Losing weight requires a proper diet and training program, as well as the assistance of a personal trainer. As a result, HealthifyMe APK gives you the same opportunity to lose weight quickly.

This app provides you with a detailed breakdown of your daily weight loss meal. As a result, you can lose weight by following this chart. With this great application – HealthifyMe APK, you can now create a robust immune system and achieve your fitness goals.

Determine your daily calorie intake

It is now simple to determine your daily calorie intake. The Calorie Calculator in HealthifyMe APK allows you to calculate your calories. This app has a complete list of foods as well as the calorie content of each.

It is easy to figure out. Simply enter your daily diet into the calculator, and the total number of calories consumed will be calculated.


Keeping track of your nutrition

With Nutrition Calculator in HealthifyMe, keeping track of your health has never been easier. It keeps track of your protein, fiber, and carbohydrate intake. The proper chart shows you how much of all of this you need to consume.

Suggestions for Weight Loss

On a daily basis, you will receive weight-loss tips. Follow these guidelines to become healthier and more fit. Ria, your AI companion, will assist you in achieving your objectives. You will not only receive suggestions, but you will also be able to ask questions and receive prompt answers.

Get a full diet chart

Depending on your gender, you will receive a full diet chart. There’s a list of things you should consume and a list of foods you should avoid, along with all of the details.

Individual meal plans are provided in this app to assist you in achieving your health objectives. There are vegetarian, vegetarian, diabetic, weight reduction, and many other meals plan to pick from.


Stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day

You probably do not keep track of how much water you drink on a daily basis. With HealthifyMe’s water usage tracking feature, you can keep track of how much water you use. You will stay hydrated and energized all day if you do it this way.

Your handwashing habits are also taken care of by HealthifyMe. The app includes instructions for keeping your hands clean as well as a daily log of how often you wash your hands.

Create your own macronutrient chart

If you want to stay in shape, you should keep track of your daily macros. You can generate your own macronutrient chart on a regular basis using HealthifyMe’s unique functionality. Then you may compare it to dietary recommendations for various food groups.


Highlight features of HealthifyMe MOD APK

You should download HealthifyMe MOD for free if you want to unlock the app’s other features. The following significant features are included in this enhanced version:

Free recipes and health tips

HealthifyMe is more than simply a health tracker. The app includes suggestions for staying healthy in general, such as handwashing, sleeping routines, and eating habits. You can also connect with other users to gain more travel-related advice!

The one-to-one learning feature is available in HealthifyMe Mod APK. Get professional advice on how to live a healthier life.

Unlock premium meal plan

You may get premium meal plan ideas personalized to your interests and health goals with HealthifyMe MOD APK. A vegetarian meal plan, a low carbohydrate meal plan, a polio meal plan, and a ketogenic meal plan are all now available.

Unlock Weight Loss Tracking

By downloading the HealthifyMe Mod APK, you can effortlessly track your weight loss or progress. You will also find nutritious breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack suggestions!

No ads

HealthifyMe Mod APK removes all advertisements, allowing you to enjoy your journey without interruption.

Overall, HealthifyMe Mod APK 2022 will provide you with a more tailored experience. More precise results, individualized meal planning, and a better overall user experience are all on the way.

FAQs about HealthifyMe Mod APK

How do I get a free premium on HealthifyMe?

Download HealthifyMe Mod APK at TECHTODOWN to get all the premium features fully unlocked right away!

Can I use HealthifyMe for free?

HealthifyMe is offering daily live fitness sessions by premium trainers (3-4 live sessions including workout, yoga, and fitness). These are open to all users and can be joined by people of all levels.

Is the HealthifyMe app paid?

For those unfamiliar, HealthifyMe is a calorie-tracking app based in India that can also track a variety of Indian meals. The app also includes a subscription version where users may talk to a real dietitian and a health coach to help them achieve their wellness objectives.

Is HealthifyMe Indian?

HealthifyMe is a digital health and wellness platform based in India that offers calorie counting, one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, as well as diet, and workout regimens. Because the app syncs with activity trackers, HealthifyMe combines these services with wearable technologies.

How do I change my calorie intake on HealthifyMe?

To adjust your calories per day goal, tap on Calories/day and overwrite the given figure. By tapping on ‘Save,’ you can save the new number. You may also update your goal at any time by heading to In order to create an item, simply touch on Me, then Goal, and then select a new goal.

How do I change my activity level in HealthifyMe?

By following the methods below, you may quickly alter your calorie goals:

  1. On the app’s home screen, tap the white silhouette icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Tap your user’s name or profile picture.
  3. You can adjust your exercise level, personal information, and weekly target from this screen as needed.


You must download HealthifyMe Mod APK to obtain the best trainer and instructor at your home if you want to build your body and stay fit. It offers practically every form of exercise and diet regimen. You can follow a diet that is appropriate for your body and diet.


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