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In this post, we will introduce you to an interesting plane shooting game, that is HAWK Mod Apk. This game has a cartoon style, so it is suitable for all ages to entertain. In addition, the game has retro gameplay, combined with a vertical screen interface, which will surely attract you. Do you want to become a good pilot and complete adventurous missions to protect the universe, download the game to experience it right away?

Introducing to HAWK Mod Apk

HAWK is a co-op arcade shooter with nostalgic elements, published by My.Com B.V. In this game, you will participate in epic battles with various types of conflicts. The game will provide dozens of planes for your falcon team so that you can easily participate in an epic war. Join the game with your friends to overwhelm your enemies and reach the top of the leaderboards.


Highlight features of HAWK Mod Apk


Hawk has simple and fun gameplay that helps you quickly get used to how to play the game. You will control a plane that may fire bullets at an enemy, and you must navigate the plane using your fingers to avoid an enemy attack.

You will have to contend with rainstorms of bullets from the most advanced weapons this time. You will need quick thinking and reactions to avoid the attack and inflict damage on the opponent. You win when there are no enemies on the screen.

You can add unique features to your aircraft such as increasing gun damage, spreading the arch of bullets to target many foes and protecting the aircraft. You also need to leave room for spills while shooting to help finish the level quickly.


Overcome different levels

In the Hawk game, you will confront 190 distinct obstacles and you will also have to overcome different levels. The levels will become increasingly difficult as time goes on so you will need to think clearly and improve your skills. This also has a fascinating storyline and it will be gradually revealed as you continue to play the game.

You will definitely feel satisfied with the plot built in this game through each level. You will have to confront and destroy a Boss in the area to advance past a given degree of difficulty in the game. After you destroy all the minions, the Boss will appear.

Your opponent frequently takes the appearance of a massive flying fortress armed with the most powerful weapons and capable of incredible endurance. You need to stay focused and patiently fight to win, then you can get many incentives.


Upgrade yourself

To overcome the challenges in the levels in this game, you will need to upgrade yourself to have the power to defeat your opponents and not be overwhelmed by them. There are many aspects of the aircraft you can upgrade to improve combat capabilities, such as damage, endurance, power, and other fundamental factors.

The game also offers different types of aircraft that you can unlock a spacecraft with superior features and enough power to overcome any difficulty.

To support you in combat, your team will have two tiny planes next to your main plane. These small planes have the effect of dealing greater damage, and some unique powers, such as dependent or firing more rounds, are on the type. You can also upgrade them, and they will have more attack power and lots of support for your main plane.


Choose game modes

For a more enjoyable game experience, you can choose from many game modes to enjoy such as Arcade, Team-up, and Assault in addition to the single-player game based on the plot. Each mode will have its way of playing and training and it’s up to your preference to choose the right game mode.

You can choose the Team-up mode to collaborate with your friends, so you won’t feel lonely fighting your enemies. If you choose the Arcade or Assault mode, you will face famous main bosses, and whether you can kill them or not will determine your specific fighting ability.

In addition, you can play a unique mode where you can team up with other heroes. You can organize a team to fight with friends or other people from all over the world and complete missions on the same screen.



You will experience the game Hawk on an impressive 3D graphics platform. The game design images aircraft, bombs very special with animations and backgrounds in each stage are attractive. In addition, the planes are equipped with cameras. You will also be immersed with the eye-catching and large number of machine lineup images.

What is special in HAWK Mod Apk?

HAWK Mod Apk is a modified version of the game that we provide for free on our website Techtodown. In our mod version, you can freely enjoy all the features of the game without paying any fee. To give you the best experience, we provide many mod features for you to comfortably enjoy the game and not worry about anything.

Mod features:

  • Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

Final words

If you want to have fun with the plane shooting game with an interesting cartoon style, you will not be able to ignore the HAWK Mod Apk game. Enjoy the game with

your friends or any other players around the world to compete on the leaderboard in this game. Download the game and control your plane to fight in exciting levels and formidable opponents in the game right away.



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