Haunt the House: Terrortown

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SFB Games
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Oct 29, 2014
Dec 28, 2018
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Do you love Halloween parties and want to dress up as impressive characters? Join the game Haunt the House Mod Apk, and you will have a chance to manifest your ghostly spirit and scare away people. This is a fun game where you will leave the dusty and abandoned tower in search of an exciting adventure on a night of terror. Download the game and explore this fascinating adventure.

Introducing to Haunt the House Mod Apk

Haunt the House is an exciting action game, developed by SFB Games. This game is filled with horror where you will travel through a terrorist town, and you will terrorize people to reclaim their space. You will scare people in museums, hospitals, theaters, on cruise ships and make people run away.


Show your ghostly spirit to drive away everyone in this terrorist town and find what was lost in the empty room. As you clear more houses, you will complete many challenges. You can collect souls from objects scattered around town and increase your score. You will not be limited in where and how to scare people and conquer rooms in town.

Hightlight features of Haunt the House Mod Apk

You mission in this game

Your main purpose in Haunt the House is to take back as much property. You will perform spooky acts to drive people out of town and regain what was lost. You need to act quickly and find a way to overcome the challenges fearlessly and without getting caught.


You can scare people everywhere you meet: in the street, alley or in the hospital, so on. Find your way out of town by exploring the dusty halls of the abandoned bell tower in the dark. Use your spooky spirit to scare people away and get back what you’ve lost.

Face many challenges and solve many tricky puzzles

Join Haunt the House, you will need to reclaim the house from the people living in the terrorist town. To do this, you will have to face many challenges and solve many tricky puzzles, full of tricks.


You need to use your quick thinking, intelligence, and skills to answer the puzzles and pass the missions in this game. You can also enhance your spooky powers by collecting items around town or fighting ghosts in battle and win.

Upgrading your skills

As you pass each house on missions, you gain more experience and unlock new skills. Upgrading your skills will help you complete missions faster and easier. Use your spooky powers and upgrade them to dominate this terror town.

Support on Android TV

With Haunt the House, you will have a more interesting experience in the terrorist town when this game is supported on Android TV. You can easily enjoy this game with your family on your widescreen TV, and you can use the remote control to enjoy the game.

3D Graphics

With high-end 3D graphics in this game, you will surely be impressed with the terrorist town built like a real ghost town. You will feel the fear-filled ghosts in the town built with superior 3D visualization.


Besides the impressive visuals, you’ll also get to listen to the perfect Halloween-themed soundtracks. Impressive 3D visuals and Halloween in this game soundtrack will make your game experience exciting and thrilling.

What do you need Haunt the House Mod Apk?

Haunt the House is available on Google Play, and you will have to pay $1.99 to download it. You will have exciting adventures and enjoy a game with new and exciting gameplay with this game. However, you will encounter some ads that appear that can make you unhappy because of the interruption of the experience.

So, Haunt the House Mod apk is a modified version of the application that we provide for free on our website Techtodown, which will bring you perfect experiences. Our version will unlock all the features of the game completely free for you to experience, and you will also not encounter ads in this version. This unlocked version will bring you great experiences, fun, and excitement.

Final words

Download Haunt the House Mod Apk to become an interesting ghost and scare everyone right away. If you are a fan of horror games, this game will definitely give you new emotions that other horror games don’t have. Use your intelligence to solve puzzles, complete missions to win this game. Become a ghost in this game and reclaim all that was lost in this terrorist town.



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