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GPS Emulator Mod APK provides users with a useful and convenient tool: fake GPS. With this app, you have the ability to select various locations on an interactive map according to your preferences. Additionally, all of your activities can be stored in the history list for easy reference, while more frequently visited places appear in the favorites list. Best of all? You can remove those pesky ads!


About GPS Emulator Mod APK

With the GPS Emulator Mod APK, you can quickly and easily select any location on a dynamic map. Not only are your past destinations stored in a simplified history list, but if you have regular travel spots, just add them to the favorites list and never search again! With this app’s convenience of making location changes with a few clicks or taps, anyone can swiftly adjust their spot wherever they go. The application makes it easier than ever before; all thanks to its fast and effortless process for rapidly switching locations without manual selection.

Easily Switch Up Your GPS Directions!

GPS Emulator is a straightforward feature that enables users to modify their device’s GPS with ease. It allows players to effortlessly search for new locations and complete various tasks with the newfound GPS coordinates. However, in order to activate this application’s features, it is essential for the user to unlock their device’s developer mode first.

Unlock Developer Mode to Utilize the App’s Potential!

Before you can take advantage of the GPS Emulator feature, it is necessary to enable developer mode. To do this, users will be able to access the general information of their application and tap on its build number a specific amount of times. Once they have done so, an activation message should appear that unlocks the process – prompting them for a password entry. When inside this mode, players may select ‘mock location’ as well as their application’s icon in order to gain complete control over their device’s geo-tracking options!

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Select Your Preferred Destination

Following the setup is complete, users will be able to exploit the GPS Emulator‘s features. Upon accessioning they’ll feel right at home with its smooth and user-friendly interface familiarly comparable to Google Maps! Furthermore, one can comfortably search for places worldwide in order to generate a fictional GPS that operates through various methods – all of which are simple as pie.

Quickly Find What You Need!

With GPS Emulator, you can easily access a variety of maps and pinpoint your desired location with the moving circle available. If you have already identified an area that is favorable to you, then simply save it as a bookmark along with its corresponding fake GPS coordinates to use whenever necessary. Moreover, for those occasions when finding what one needs proves difficult or time-consuming, the app provides users with an effective search feature that allows them to locate their destination by entering keywords into the system quickly and accurately.

Unearth Past Results with the App’s Search History

Every time a user searches for something or takes an action within the app, they can refer to the history section which will store all of their past activities and places searched. This list is constantly growing as users continue using the application, while also providing complete information that allows them to find what they’re looking for without having to search again. Furthermore, this feature offers faster searching capabilities than other alternatives available!

Cherished Locations: Discover Your Perfect Destination

When users utilize a specific area as their fake GPS location, they will have an instinctive understanding of these spots. Since the frequency of use is high, it’s recommended to save them in your ‘favorites’ list so you can access them quickly and conveniently. This works similarly to history – though with fewer visits- but when accessing places of interest to you via map search it’ll be much faster than manual searching each time.

Eradicate Ads with Ease!

By upgrading to the PRO version of the application, users can enjoy an uninterrupted experience and be freed from unwanted ads. Additionally, with a clutter-free interface, finding desired locations on maps becomes easier than ever before! Upgrade today to benefit from these advantages and many more.

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Key Features

  • Before discovering the incredible capabilities of this app, users must take a few preparatory steps such as enabling developer mode and adjusting their mock location.
  • Once the settings have been properly configured, users will be able to access the app’s features without any worries and locate their desired destination.
  • With the application’s history feature, users can discover a range of searches that are stored and carefully recorded.
  • With a wide range of options available, users are sure to find the fake GPS location that best suits their needs – and one they will keep returning to with its high frequency of use.
  • If you’re discontent with the ads during application use, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the PRO version for ad-free usage.


Using the GPS Emulator Mod APK is an excellent way for anyone looking for an easy and convenient way to fake their location quickly and easily without having to go through any complicated steps or manual processes. With its interactive map feature, ability to store activities in history lists and add frequently visited places into favorites lists, plus its ad removal feature and secure encryption protocols – this app is definitely worth checking out for anyone who needs quick access to different locations on demand!



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