Girl Group Inc: Love Kpop Idol

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Nowadays, game manufacturers have released many titles in many different genres to meet your entertainment needs such as action games, sports simulation games, love simulation games, so on. If you want to experience a strategy game, you can join Girl Group Inc Mod Apk. You will play the director of a company, and your job is to manage and handle the company’s affairs. Download the game to discover what you will do in this strategy game.

What is Girl Group Inc Mod Apk about?

Girl Group Inc is a strategy simulation game where you will act like a CEO and manage a small idol company on the verge of bankruptcy. You will search and select people who are qualified to be an idol with a requirement such as singing, dancing, acting, and some other skills.


You will create an idol group, uncover their hidden talents, and elevate your company’s idol to stardom to save the company from bankruptcy. Show your management skills in this game and have moments of entertainment and relaxation with this game.

What is special in Girl Group Inc Mod Apk?

Girl Group Inc Mod apk is a modified version of the game with many advanced features we provide for free on our website Techtodown. With our version, you can get unlimited money so you will easily choose beautiful and talented idols for your idol group. You can also buy items or anything you want in-app while experiencing the game without worrying about paying any fees.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited Money

Outstanding features of Girl Group Inc Mod Apk

Find talented girls everywhere

To form an impressive, quality idol group, you’ll need to find talented girls everywhere and choose carefully. You can even find talented idols in the quietest and tiniest of streets. When well-trained, simple girls can become beautiful, lovely, and have outstanding vocals. Each girl has unique talents and personalities, so you should find them and form your own special musical idol group.


Regular training skills

Besides the talent that idols possess, you will still need to take them to a recording studio and have them practice their songs to improve their expressiveness.

You should develop a specific plan to train idols and overcome their shortcomings. Their experience will be successfully expanded if the training procedure is successful. Regular training will help idols progress quickly. From there, you can create shows and groups of your idols that will appeal to a large audience.

Develop idol-related items

Besides the revenue from your idol group’s concerts, you can develop idol-related items to grab attention and improve sales. You can release their albums on audio discs, along with mementos of their idols such as photos, clothing, bracelets, and other mementos.


In addition, large-scale concerts will certainly help you collect money from the large number of tickets sold. That will help your company’s revenue increase rapidly and generate significant profits.

Take care of your idols

For your idol group to develop sustainably in the future, you also need to take care of their health and create a comfortable environment for them. Talking allows you to gain a better understanding of each other’s psyche and preferences, and thereby forge a strong bond between the company and the idol. As you earn more money, you can also change to a more professional coach for your idol to develop more.


How to play Girl Group Inc Mod Apk?

  • Look around the streets for many talented apprentices.
  • You can train your idol in a number of abilities, including singing, dance, humor, drama, perseverance, and intelligence, as you progress through the stages.
  • As you progress through the levels, you can enhance your fandom by making a variety of broadcast requests.
  • Boost corporation finances by forming a popular girl group and managing the sale of CDs, merchandise, and concert tickets, or by auditioning for other roles.
  • When your role model and business expand, you may help grow it by making various accessible investments, such as renovating buildings and hiring new trainers.


If you try your hand at managing a company, you cannot ignore the Girl Group Inc Mod Apk game. You will surely immerse yourself in the simple gameplay, up to the use of your mind and quick judgment skills in this management game. You will also be impressed with the image of beautiful idol girls built through cute and eye-catching graphics in this game. Download the game and choose talented, beautiful idols for your company and help it grow.



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