Girl Alone MOD APK 1.2.15 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Sep 8, 2023
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In Girl Alone MOD APK, you’ve found a girl in your house who seems so sad and lonely. She’s sitting in the corner of her room, wallowing in a pile of dust bunnies. You can try to befriend her by cleaning up her room a little. This is the first step, but it may not be easy to get her to open up to you.

Girl Alone mod apk

The girl will want to be left alone in the beginning. But, that’s not enough to stop you from staying in her company. You have a contract and intend to keep your promise to stay there. Not complying with the contract will result in a fine of 50 million gold.

Approach the girl

Well, this is an awkward first encounter. You never really know what to say to people, especially with all the other people around you. But, you notice that the girl has a hunger for something that you can provide. She’s not too interested in anything else, so you offer her a bite of your sandwich. This doesn’t improve her demeanor much, but she’s at least slightly more responsive and open.

Girl Alone mod apk techtodown

To pay the bills, you should get a part-time job. This doesn’t have to be work; it could even be video games. The best way to make money is just by playing games. Matching games are the best because they require a good memory. She’s been so sad this whole time, but she can begin to warm up to you. It won’t be long before her gloomy face will start to look less sad and she will be ready to go conquer the world! There are different things you can do to strengthen your relationship with her. You can help with tasks such as:

  • The purchase of a pet is an excellent decision. Who doesn’t like having a cat or dog to keep them company?
  • Get her out of her old clothes. Buy her a ton of different outfits to wear. If she looks good on the outside, she’ll feel good on the inside.
  • She needs a room makeover. A dusty, hard place to sleep is no paradise. Transform it into a beautiful suite!

Girl Alone mod apk download


Girl Alone MOD APK is an arcade simulator in the spirit of classic Tamagotchi games. The user will become a real friend for a little girl who is afraid to leave her house and start exploring the world around her. To overcome this problem, the player must win the heroine’s trust, which will become possible with the constant communication, cleaning the room, and performing interactive tasks. Also, spending time together in mini-games and various gifts that you can give her will help to endear the girl to yourself.

Download the full Mod version here

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