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Apr 25, 2018
Oct 12, 2023
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Have you ever experienced the ultimate feeling of inhibition and then bursting with happiness after completing the challenge? That’s what I mean about Getting Over It MOD APK. This game has caused a global phenomenon around the world. Keep reading on to know the reason behind its popularity.

What makes Getting Over It so attractive?

Getting Over it mod apk techtodown

Getting Over It is an Android game that lies in the category of the arcade. The combination of fun, humor, and freakiness in the gameplay is what brings amazing experiences to players.

Climb to the top with your abilities

Getting Over It doesn’t have outstanding gameplay. It is all above controlling a young guy whose lower body is in the pot to move in complicated terrain. Especially, the guy only has a hammer on his hands. You know, climbing a mountain is not easy let alone doing it in a pot. Join the game, players will have to use a sledgehammer to cling, push, pull, and do anything to climb higher. That is what makes this game so outstanding and funny. Players must smoothly and accurately control the hammer to move where needed. The game will have two control mechanisms: using joystick or touch, each with its precision, but still, ensure players can easily move their character.

Getting Over it apk download

Pass obstacles with the trusting hammer

The road to the top of the mountain is not simple, even complicated than what we think. The higher you climb, the higher precision you need when using a hammer to stick to the map’s objects. Everything is stationary, so players have to be creative and use physics to their advantage to move. Getting Over It applies realistic physics, making the character move smoothly and flexibly based on his force on the hammer. The environment sometimes appears in complex situations, requiring players to be more skillful.

No progress saving

If you want to challenge your patience, dexterity, and precision, then you should check out Getting Over It. To win the game, you have to do it in one go. That means that, if you drop, you will have to climb back from the beginning no matter where you have already climbed. This is what makes many players of getting angry and annoyed. But it is also what makes the game more attractive.

Why do you need to Getting Over It MOD APK?

If you have ever played Getting Over It, you will know how annoying it is. To ease your inhibition, we are going to introduce to you Getting Over It MOD APK. This modified version comes with Gravity Customization. Now you can customize your gravity to be able to move easier. That’s so cool, right? Even better, this Getting Over It MOD APK is free to download. So, what are you waiting for? Download and experience one of the hottest games right now. Walk through the next section to learn how to get this game installed on your phone.

Feature of Getting Over It MOD APK

Built-in menu, the menu contains the following functions:

  1. Gravity is one-third of the original
  2. Gravity is one-sixth of the original
  3. No gravity
  4. The speed is 5 times the original

How to install Getting Over It MOD APK?

It is super easy to download and install Getting Over It MOD APK.  Have a look at these steps you should follow:

  • Go to Security Settings and toggle on Unknown Sources to get permission for a third-party application
  • Download the APK files of Getting Over It
  • Locate the downloaded file and tap on it to start the installation
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then you can enjoy it.

Although Getting Over It MOD APK owns no graphics or a complicated story, it still makes you spend hours on it. Don’t believe this? Download the game and see for yourself.

FAQ about Getting Over It MOD APK

Is it free to play?

  • Exactly. 100% free

Will I need a VPN to play the game?

  • No, you don’t need to use a VPN.

What devices can I use with this mod?

  • As long as your device runs Android 5.0 or higher/RAM: 1GB or higher/ Minimum space: 150MB


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