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Dec 5, 2018
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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Have you ever been out with your family and just wanted to know where they were? GeoZilla MOD APK provides an easy way for families to track each other’s location in real time. It is a great app for kids or parents who want peace of mind while traveling, or when it becomes difficult to keep up with the whereabouts of loved ones.

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About GeoZilla MOD APK

GeoZilla supports searches by search engines and the specific location of each family member. This device provides everyone the ability to share their location in order to improve safety and avoid risks, which is why you should download it right now! The return with a new design, most bugs fixed, and released upgrades will make you even more delighted with it.

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Create a private connection

GeoZilla will use this information to route each member’s trip and create a record of it by entering and saving each member’s phone number, name, and personal information in the group. Each person’s itinerary is planned in detail. Only those who have been added may understand the significance of this privacy and security feature, which links everyone in the family by GPS and connects them. To avoid customer data being stolen, we decided to prioritize this criterion first!

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Joining trips with a different view

Every stop a member makes is recorded, and it lasts for a week; the user can look up any information about that journey at any time. If you’d want to inform the rest of your family about your day but don’t have their phone numbers, try sharing your location, taking a nice photograph, and sending it to the chat. In addition, it allows you to track departures and arrivals as well as arrival and end times.

Play even when you don’t use it

GeoZilla runs in the background. It continues to operate even if you close the application window. You may share your location in real time, but it will change if you leave it alone. When the system detects something odd, it sends out distress signals or warns of danger, and loved ones are notified of your position changes, they are alerted as soon as possible, and they come to help!

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Provide information from devices

When you first access GeoZilla, it will ask you about letting others use the device. A phonebook with a phone number is the most important thing, and you choose whom you want to share your location with. When everyone agrees to participate in the circle, it gets more crowded and lively. Update your information by filling out your details, uploading a photo from our gallery or taking a picture using our camera, or updating your profile. When accurate data is provided, all activities become easier to understand!

Share location and connect with family

GeoZilla is the most effective location-sharing software available. The program performs well in trip management and locating relatives, with excellent features that aid in family reunion. When you know your family is keeping an eye on you, texting and sharing makes your day brighter and more secure.


GeoZilla is a great app with excellent features. It’s easy to use and performs well in trip management, location sharing, reunion assistance, etc. GeoZilla MOD APK will give you an edge when it comes to your family’s safety!



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