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Dec 5, 2020
Oct 10, 2023
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Gangs of the Magic Realm MOD APK is a simulation game in which you can find true love and have a romantic Otome experience. Are you wondering what we’re on about? Simply continue reading!

Introducing to Gangs of the Magic Realm

Gangs of the Magic Realm mod apk

Gangs of the Magic Realm is another visual novel released by Genius Inc. The main character is a young girl whose brother went missing under mysterious circumstances several years ago. She now works in a coffee shop and tries to live her life, occasionally reminiscing about a happier time in her life.

One day, a few strange visitors came to see her, inadvertently bringing up her brother in conversation. Following them out of the cafe, the girl finds herself in the Kingdom of Illusion, a world ruled by magic and witchcraft. She must now find her missing brother, make new friends among the locals, fight enemies, and find true love. In this game, you must decide how the plot unfolds by selecting from the available options for actions or dialogue. In other words, Gangs of the Magic Realm allows you to progress through the story and discover what happened.

Gangs of the Magic Realm mod apk techtodown

Here are what the game has to offer:

  • an interesting plot with a variety of passages;
  • several different endings;
  • colorful cartoon graphics;
  • various characters with their own stories;
  • exciting wizarding world secrets.

Cool characters in Gangs of the Magic Realm

As previously stated, Gangs of the Magic Realm offers you different characters with their own stories. Have a look at these cool characters right now!


Zev, by far the most charismatic of the group and a natural-born leader, runs the show. He easily keeps Ezekiel in line and relies on Nolan to fill in the finer details of an operation. He, like you, is looking for someone – his brother’s murderer. While Zev can manipulate water, his preferred method is to simply freeze his enemies. There’s also a hidden meaning behind that eye patch…

Gangs of the Magic Realm mod apk download


If Ezekiel would just keep his mouth shut, he’d be adorable. He’s glum, irritable, and has a clear dislike for you from the start. He drives Nolan insane with his abrasive attitude and casual approach to his duties, even though he’d follow Zev to the grave. His past is complicated, and you get the impression that some topics are a sensitive subject for him. Can you match his snark for snark? Ezekiel can control fire… and is without a doubt one of the most potent pyromania.

Gangs of the Magic Realm mod apk free premium choices


Nolan could be described as kind, thoughtful, and meticulous by Zev. Ezekiel’s critics may accuse him of being overly critical or micromanaging. He’s nothing but friendly and gracious to you, regardless of what his family members think. Despite his pleasant demeanor, he despises Chimera with a shocking vehemence for reasons you don’t understand, and he appears to have a complex… Will you assist him in deciphering it? He can cast lightning and temporarily negate other people’s magic.

Gangs of the Magic Realm apk

What is the advantage of Gangs of the Magic Realm MOD APK?

So, you’d like to improve your game? Then use the links provided here to download Gangs of the Magic Realm MOD APK. This modified version includes a feature that allows you to always have premium choice options in every conversation option in the game and to use them as many times as you want. With this mod, you can get a variety of positive outcomes that increase your chances of finishing the game. So, get the mod now and get out of all those crazy situations where you’d normally end up. So, you have it all – everything there is to know about Gangs of the Magic Realm MOD APK. It is worth spending some space on your phone, right? Download it right now and enjoy your time.


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