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Jun 12, 2017
Mar 15, 2024
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Free download Forward Assault Mod Apk at Techtodown. Become a SWAT captain and destroy every enemy with every weapon you have.

  • Enemies on mini map


Are you a fan of shooting games and want to show off your skills? Forward Assault is the place where you may show off your skills. You will take on the role of a sniper on a mission to eliminate terrorists and dangerous international criminals while also restoring world peace. Right now, in Forward Assault Mod APK, show off your razor-sharp targeting skills.

Forward Assault – Join eye-catching shooting war

Forward Assault is an action-packed tactical first-person shooter with a gripping plot. You will take command of a SWAT team and be ready to hunt down terrorists and criminals all across the world.

The gameplay of Forward Assault is simple to comprehend, it requires combat abilities as well as precision targeting. Because the enemy is densely populated, they are continually assaulted with gunfire. You must outpace them and gain the upper hand.


All maneuvers to move, conceal, or shoot must be decisive and certain. All adversaries that emerge in your field of vision must be eliminated. When you first enter the fight, the line between life and death is razor-thin. Before acting, players must constantly be determined, alert, and consider things through. Also, work well with teammates to develop clear and effective methods.

Collect valuable items

Remember that the danger does not only come from the bloodthirsty warriors, but also from the lethal traps that have been set up all around you. Stay as far away from them as possible, because simply touching them will result in the player’s death. Attempt to eliminate as many foes as possible to get more accomplishment points and gain rich prizes. Unlock additional characters and more advanced equipment at your leisure. Collect valuable items that you come across along the journey. This is a useful assistance tool for gamers who want to improve their fighting skills. Conquer and finish all of the system’s tasks to earn significant awards and presents.


Modern weapons

Weapons have a significant role in determining whether a war is won or lost. As a result, gamers will be equipped with cutting-edge, high-destructive weapons. Machine guns, rifles, shotguns, AK-47s, sniper rifles, and so forth. Furthermore, certain melee weapons allow players to adjust their combat style on the fly to suit the situation. Remember that each rifle has a different recoil, and it requires consistent practice to overcome the drawbacks and encourage the benefits of each. In addition, the system will give the highest possible bodily protection. A bulletproof vest, hat, shoes, medicine, grenade, and so forth.

Carry out the mission

When the game screen appears, your senses must remain active at all times. Because danger might strike at any time, please keep a close eye on the character and move them gently. Avoid disclosing the location, as this will draw the notice of a large number of invading attackers, and you will be unable to defeat them all at once. Always stick with your comrades, ask for their aid, and help them enhance their survival. Compete against online gamers in competitive PvP bouts. This is a chance for you to study, practice, and improve your combat abilities. Attempt to defeat all opponents and claim the top spot on the scoreboard, so establishing your name in this brutal world.

Stunning visuals

The visuals of Forward Assault are well received by gamers. Players can readily watch everything thanks to the 3D setup and 360-degree viewing angle. All of the visuals are razor-sharp, and the character movements are fluid. Stormy bullets, exploding lighting effects, and so on. Many gorgeous sights are as wild as the magnificence, rich fight sites. The main clothing is the soldier’s blue color, which is an impressive character design. Providing gamers with a genuine sense similar to reality. The sound has been deliberately and carefully crafted so that you can hear the enemy’s gunshots from afar. Exciting background music adds to the excitement of the game.


Forward Assault Mod APK features

Mod features:

[ Player Menu ] -> Unlimited Ammo -> Fly -> Super Speed -> Bunny Hop -> No Recoil -> No Spread -> No Camera Shake -> No Flinch -> Radar -> Visual : Anti-Crouch -> Enemies Won’t Crouch On Your Screen [ Aimbot Menu ] -> Crouching Will Provide Better Aim -> Enable On Aim -> Enable On Shoot [ ESP Menu ] [ My Team / Enemy Team ] -> ESP Lines -> ESP Boxes -> ESP Distance -> ESP Health -> ESP Has Armor P.S : Aimbot / ESP May Crash Sometimes As Game Is Badly Optimized Making It Think A Player Is Still Active When They Left But Shown As Still In Lobby


Many people want to become skilled marksmen. The shooter series appears to have found a niche in the market. Forward Assault is no exception, with a distinct and appealing combat style. It will undoubtedly provide you with moments of unparalleled relaxation. Forward Assault Mod is a game that demonstrates the ultimate capacity to aim and satisfies the desire for adventure.


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