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You are a Food Truck Chef and you want to make the most delicious food in town. But, you need money! You can earn cash by cooking great dishes for your customers. The more dishes that you serve, the more money will come into your pocket. With Food Truck Chef Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download for Android, now you can cook as much as possible without worrying about running out of ingredients or having to pay upfront for them!

About Food Truck Chef Mod Apk

Do you enjoy cooking and doing it? Food Truck Chef is a game for individuals who like to cook and love it. You not only satisfy your own tastes, but you also gain experience working in a restaurant. Players now delegate responsibilities to workers based on their expertise. In this game, players may make tacos, pies, pancakes, bagels, Pretzels, or other foods that can’t sit still when they think about them You have the knowledge and skills to expand the business. To maintain a steady income, attract many clients who become regular customers. Food Truck Chef primarily aids gamers in becoming more professional business people in a strictly legal sense.

Food Truck Chef

Starting from Pasta Street, you must build this location to gradually achieve your goal of controlling the whole catering service network. You’ll learn the fundamentals of a few recipes and a couple of visitors at first. I’ve had a few folks walk out on me after they waited too long for their meals. Please serve meals in a timely manner so that you may retain customers; each of them is waiting for you with a specific time limit. If possible, prepare some dishes ahead of time to meet your demands.


If you’re sick of the same old restaurants and crave something new, Food Truck Chef will give you a food truck and take you on unique streets across the world. Your sandwich is popular street food. People recognize you for your cake, and sandwiches are also where it all begins when it comes to building your culinary empire. The components are accessible. Simply cook and offer the finished dishes to the clients. After that, heat the sauce and pour it into a waiting plate. It will eventually develop into a delectable cake. However, keep an eye on your kitchen. If food is left unattended for too long without being poured onto a plate, it will risk burning. Later, you may add an additional shelf in order to cook the meal but not as much as skilled cooking and at the proper moment. You must dispose of ruined items, which has a negative influence on your sales revenue.

Food Truck Chef

Do you see the blue columns beside the clients? That’s an indication of how long it will take for a customer to get serviced. If it passes one-third of the way, the client’s face will alter. The more quickly you serve, the happier your consumers will be and the greater your tip.

Upgrade your system

A clean kitchen with modern technology will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. You may use new cookers to prepare four cakes at once. If your customers are too numerous, it’s apparent that a kitchen isn’t big enough to satisfy them all. If you cook for too long, some clients will become irritated and leave. In addition to that, you provide hot chocolate and coffee as well. To help it work more quickly, improve the coffee machine so that it may serve additional consumers.

Unlock new dishes

Food Truck Chef is a popular game in the culinary simulation genre, with an exceptionally broad selection of options. You may manually prepare thousands of famous meals from all around the world, including sandwiches, pasta, bacon, tofu, seafood, cakes, and more… It has been reported that the game includes approximately 700 dishes. You’ll be able to prepare classic Asian, European, and other international cuisines as part of the game. These recipes, on the other hand, are not accessible yet. To obtain them, you’ll need to complete new game material!

Food Truck Chef

Decorate your restaurant

Don’t believe that a food truck can only be a 4-star restaurant. To attract more consumers, you may turn the area in front of your food cart into an unusual outdoor dining location. You may achieve additional advantages such as receiving more gratuities, raising the price of the cuisine, or extending customer waiting times through it. There are several upgradeable items, such as furniture, bookshelves, Air Dancer, Guitar, music system, and more. They are not accessible right now because they are out of stock. To acquire these things, you will need to use the funds from your company.

Food Truck Chef

Overall, the game’s decor components are quite intriguing. You can use your design talents to display everything from your “mobile” restaurant’s inside to the outside area where guests may eat their favorite meal.

Explore the world with a new perspective

Food Truck Chef has a lot of information and is methodically constructed. You may visit numerous unique places all around the world on your food truck. You’ll go on a free tour in your food truck and introduce your delectable cuisine to your friends all around the globe, from Brazilian street style to Asian cuisine to a luxury French restaurant. Furthermore, the game includes a number of achievements for you to accomplish. The league table is the finest evidence of your culinary career progress.

Food Truck Chef

Graphics and sound

Overall, the game’s visuals are bright and entertaining. Characters and settings are designed simply, but they contribute to the distinctiveness of Food Truck Chef from other cooking simulation games. The picture is adorable, pure, and vibrant. As a result, the game is suitable for children as well as adults. In addition, the music is calming, allowing you to unwind as you prepare delectable meals.

Download Food Truck Chef Mod Apk

Food Truck Chef Mod Apk is one of the most unique cooking simulation games available on Android. It is still in early development, but it will be expanded with additional content to improve the player’s experience. Tens of millions of people have installed Food Truck Chef and want to start their culinary adventure around the world right now.


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