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There are plenty excellent MP3 players available. You probably don’t need another one if you’re content with them. But if you’ve arrived at this page, you’re presumably experiencing the same issue we did: you’ve tried numerous players, but access to your music remains difficult.

Folder Player Pro MOD APK is ideal for individuals who organize their music collection using folders. It simplifies the UI to make accessing music and audiobooks stored in directories quick, straightforward, and pleasurable, while also supporting a slew of amazing features like Gapless, Crossfading, Android Auto, and others. You quickly open your player and begin listening to your music

Folder Player Pro

What is great about Folder Player?

Are you looking for the best music player that works with folders? You’re probably looking for the Folder Player app. You’ll have easy access to your music if you’ve already organized it.

MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and WMA are among the file types supported by the program, though your Android device’s support may differ. In terms of ease of use, you simply navigate to the desired directory and file, then play a music. Folder Player can also play, browse, and play individual folders, files, and entire folder trees, as well as entire directories.

Folder Player is one of the most popular music apps on Google Play, with approximately 5 million downloads. It is free, with no adverts or in-app purchases.

What is about Folder Player Pro?

Folder Player Pro is not much different from the free version; it exists to assist you in supporting continued development if you enjoy the free version. However, it is considerably more frequently updated and has some wonderful extra features:

Unrestricted tagging, allowing you to make several “playlists”

This is an endless tagging space that allows you to make various playlists. Sort them by category and play music that fit the mood! Folder Player Pro prioritizes updates to your personalized playlists, and it remembers the genres you frequently prefer and delivers outstanding recommendations rapidly.

Folder Player Pro Apk Mod

Automatically stop when power is lost

Folder Player Pro‘s set of functions includes automatically filtering away the previously played track to make room for new tracks, after which the loop is restarted. When the power goes out, the music player also turns down.

Continue playback for the following folder when the current is finished

In the settings area, you’ll find useful choices for adjusting the playback of another folder after the listening folder has finished. Notable is the addition of support for the new M3U.

Delete tracks automatically

Are you growing tired of hearing the same tunes over and over? Do you want to listen to different types of music? So, immediately erase such songs and replace them with new ones! Folder Player Pro will complete the quickest steps in a matter of minutes. Even if music is playing, the application will erase the song you desire right away. There is no need to use a plethora of distinct operations. Delete all songs that consumers no longer desire to listen to as soon as possible.

Why do you need the Folder Player Pro MOD APK of TechToDown?

As you can see, Folder Player Pro comes to level up your listening experience with some extra features. And of course, you have to pay for these advanced features. But this is not the case if you make use of the Folder Player Pro MOD APK of TechToDown. 

MOD features:

  • Full unlocked
  • Free of cost

FAQs about the Folder Player Pro MOD APK

Question 1: Why is the app requesting phone ID permission when it is only playing audio?

The permission “read phone status” is (unfortunately) required to pause and resume playback after the user picks up or hangs up the phone. Please keep in mind that Folder Player does not have “internet” permission, therefore it cannot transport data over the internet.

Question 2: Is the app compatible with playlists?

The idea of “Tags” provides support for similar functions. When you navigate to a music, the context menu allows you to link the song with a specific “tag.” These tags are visible from the root and can be used in the same way that folders are. Additionally, the program supports manually created m3u playlists.


All said and done, download Folder Player Pro MOD APK right now and enjoy your music in a convenient way.


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