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Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk Creator app lets you design your dream home with a user-friendly interface & various tools. Create 2D floor plans, experiment with furniture placement & boost your creativity!

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Unrecognized floor plans are the unsung stars of interior design and they produce a clear plan to make your imagined living space tangible. Sketching floor plans by hand is no longer in vogue, fortunately. It has been made easier through mobile apps like Floor Plan Creator whereby there is an easy way for us to plan and design our homes through this app which creates details of the floor plans that one can carry around.


You might be intending to remodel a room and want to see how different pieces of furniture would fit before you commit to an expensive change. You could be renting a space and would like to make it as functional and comfortable as possible. The field of interior design can be both adventurous and overwhelming. Fortunately, technology has given us the power of readily-available resources that enable us actualize our dream designs. This piece therefore explores Floor Plan Creator and how this user-friendly mobile app will revolutionize your planning and visualization process for your living area.

Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk

What is Floor Plan Creator?

Floor Plan Creator is a simple, but powerful mobile app that allows you to create detailed 2D house plans on your phone. It can be used by any home owner who wants to have a kitchen renovation plan, tenants living in small apartments and even interior designers working to make their clients’ dream come true.

Comparatively, it is beneficial to contrast Floor Plan Creator with drawing software such as SketchBook Pro which has more emphasis on artistry. In reality, all that matters in this case is floor plan creation whereas Floor Plan Creator offers people who work solely on space planning a focused application.

Floor Plan Creator‘s Key Features

Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk

The magic in Floor Plan Creator lies with its well-selected features that create a streamlined procedure for making floor plans. Let’s dive deeper and look into some of the apps key functionalities which set it apart from others.

  • Seamless Design through Effortless Interface: Floor Plan Creator is user-friendly. Just picture a virtual place where you can easily drag and drop your ideas to create a design. With an intuitive interface, one can make walls of different lengths, resize rooms smoothly and insert doors, as well as windows in a floor plan without any struggle.
  • Enhanced Detailing via Comprehensive Symbol Library: No more drawing furniture symbols manually! The symbol library in Floor Plan Creator is complete, there are many icons that represent kitchenware, bath accessories, bedroom fittings etc.
  • Informed Choices through Accurate Measurement Tools: When planning your living area, precision rules the game. Floor Plan Creator has an array of accurate measurement tools at your disposal. Few clicks would help you determine wall lengths as well as room areas and perimeters so that when choosing furniture, it fits harmoniously into the space it occupies.
  • Realistic Perspective thanks to 3D Visualization: It should be borne in mind that certain versions of Floor Plan Creator have this exciting feature called 3D visualization. This functionality will help you go beyond just having a floor plan by creating a lifelike three-dimensional image of your area.

Advantages of Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator Mod Apk

Having seen the amazing features that come with Floor Plan Creator, let us now go ahead and discuss its real uses to different categories of people. It gives you a new dimension in design which makes you more confident as well as making designing faster.

  • Better planning and decision making: Imagine trying different furniture placement styles before you can commit yourself into expensive purchases. You can visualize furniture placement within your digital floor plan using the Floor Plan Creator, and this helps you identify any space limitations it might create and maximize on layout to make it functional at its best.
  • Improved professional communication: To work effectively with contractors, designers or property owners, one has to be able to communicate clearly. A clear floor plan generated by means of Floor Plan Creator becomes a universal approach to all types of designs and thus telling others about your idea is easy.
  • Efficiency Improved and Cost Reduced: With upfront planning through the use of Floor Plan Creator an owner can save lots of cash later on. By carefully creating your floor plans virtually after knowing where space limits are likely to occur during renovation process, you avoid expensive mistakes.
  • Enhancing Creativity and Experimentation: The app is not about creating a single static layout only. Playful mindset is what makes this application so great. Within seconds, you can have countless possibilities for design which may involve moving walls around testing other pieces of furniture placements or understanding how space flows from different viewpoints in your room using the creative genius that this tool offers.


Floor Plan Creator is a tool that allows you to actively participate in the creation of your own design. The software has got a friendly graphics user interface, good feature coverage and undeniable advantages which are helpful to anyone planning, visualizing, and optimizing living spaces. So let your inner architect out and get started with Floor Plan Creator today!


Does Floor Plan Creator have any accessibility features?

Floor Plan Creator does not explicitly advertise any accessibility features, but it has a simple and intuitive interface that can be understood by people with different levels of computer experience. Icons that are easy to understand as well as the convenience of drag-and-drop feature may appeal more to those who have difficulty using other complicated design software.

Can I make curved walls on the floor plans using Floor Plan Creator?

The current version of Floor Plan Creator concentrates mainly on straight walls. However, some user forums and online discussions suggest that future updates might include curved wall support. So, if you need curved walls in your plan, you should consider alternative apps such as MagicPlan among others.

Is there any desktop version of Floor Plan Creator?

Right now, only mobile version is available for Floor Plan Creator. It means that it could be used for planning while outside home or office but at the same time some users would prefer a larger screen size like one offered by. Perhaps, a desktop version will emerge sometime later, therefore kindly look out for such information.

Is Floor Plan Creator free?

Floor Plan Creator is described as a paid app with single purchase charge. Nevertheless, certain stores may offer simplified free versions of the app with limited features available.

How does SketchUp compare with Floor Plan Creator for creating floor plans?

Both SketchUp and FPC are good tools to use when designing rooms or house layouts but they suit different groups of people. SketchUp is a more general-purpose 3D modeling software that takes longer to learn. FPC, in contrast, is a specialized floor planning program that aims at being as simple as possible to use.


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