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It is hard to find people not fascinated by music, at least on some level. If anyone could experience being a compositor or a music producer, we can be sure they would be very glad to try it.

Nowadays, this experience is closer than we imagined. The latest version of FL STUDIO MOBILE Apk was made to immerse the user in the universe of electronic music production. Its tagline, “the fastest way from your brain to your speaker”, is pretty much accurate. The app’s commands are so intuitive, that the user does not need to master theory, concepts, or anything more advanced than just having good taste. With this app, you can enjoy creating your track of awesome music!

What is FL Studio?

FL STUDIO MOBILE is a free music production app for mobile devices. It uses a touchscreen interface to create music rhythms and melodies on your device with some pretty cool sound effects included! FL STUDIO MOBILE allows you to create great-sounding tunes anytime, anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Forget about expensive equipment or expensive studio prices when all it takes is simple tools in this handy little app. FL STUDIO MOBILE has been updated to the latest version – now let’s explore the latest features!

FL Studio Mobile Apk

What’s new in FL STUDIO MOBILE APK latest version?

FL STUDIO MOBILE APK is an amazing and long-awaited update! This newest version includes the Spacer plugin for a more natural stereo effect, better compressor UI with visualizations to help you see how your compression affects your audio track, improvements on the file browser’s capability of sending files or folders straight into Playlist without even opening them first by simply tapping twice anywhere in the list (long tap), as well as other minor enhancements that make FLM3 one of our best updates yet!

Spacer feature:

This feature helps you to enhance your input audiovisual picture. Now you can load presets with the touch of your finger. Simply go to “Default” (upper right) and choose from a variety of preset options. Here are the parameters of the Spacer feature:


This is a great way to change the feel of your song. Reverse left, right, or both channels for more music control and variety! Reversing the channels on your speakers can be an effective way to give you some musical versatility that wasn’t available before. Whether reversing both left/right channels or just one side at a time, it’s exciting to discover what these new sounds evoke with just this simple take on how we listen to music every day!

Latency L/R Delay

With this feature, you can create a fake stereo effect by delaying one channel relative to another. This is useful with mono input because it allows phase cancellation and in-phase reading on the Phase Meter.


This feature allows you to enhance or reduce the stereo effect of the sound. The middle position (default) is disabled so that mono sounds will not be affected by this control and maintain their original quality. Increase the left degree for a larger gap between the Left and Right channels; decrease the right degree to reduce the volume difference from the L+R. channel outputs

Pan effect in Audacity

You can create the illusion of sound coming from any direction. This is done by varying the volume level each channel has or where the channel appears in the stereo field (L1 and L2). The object can even be moved this way until satisfied with its new position. Panning is the act of moving audio from one channel to another. The Pan effect changes the Left and Right Channel levels to create a pan effect, which can be done by adding or subtracting certain dBs on either side as you make the transition so that it maintains independence for each. signal instead of pan cross-mix where they mix two channels like left to right or right to left.

FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk

Compressor feature

A compressor is a device that automatically adjusts the volume of an audio track to more closely match other tracks or levels. It does this by lowering any peaks in amplitude, which makes it easier for our ears and brains to detect those sound waves as louder than they originally were. The art of setting a compressor involves tweaking these three parameters: magnitude, speed (timing), and timing so that compression doesn’t cause distortion (artifact).


When the input signal reaches a certain threshold, compression will start. Compression adjusts gain based on ratio and other settings such as attack time or release rate. It is important to adjust this parameter according to your needs for different types of audio material.


The threshold level will determine the amount of compression applied to a signal. If you set the ratio below 1:1, there is more input than output, and if it’s above 0 then less input than output.


Slow attack means that compression will gradually be increased, giving the signal more time to react and create new sounds. The fast attack is quick on its feet—more instant than gradual when it comes to controlling volume.


Turn the knob to adjust how much time elapses before your compressor starts releasing after it has been engaged. This will prevent high-frequency sounds from triggering a quick, rough compression sound when you don’t want one.


When the compressor starts acting, it takes a while before it stops. The “release time” is how long that process takes; shorter release times will make you more flexible but can also lead to undesirable changes in gain. Longer release times produce an even-level sound with less distortion – and they may be preferable if your goal is for the compression to maximize overall level variations within the speech or music signals as opposed to just picking up on large shifts in signal levels.

Mixing music with FL STUDIO MOBILE

FL Studio Mobile - techtodown.net

The great conquest of the Belgium developing company, Image-Line, on the app FL STUDIO MOBILE, was to make the overall experience of mixing tracks on mobile incredibly practical and efficient. The app delivers a high-quality audio engine and, is still, optimized for low CPU load. Thus, it is perfect for the mobile experience. From the beat to the notes, every single part of your song can be placed with a single click. Add notes, change them, expand whole compasses, remove them: to do the song what you will.

Take time to watch the quick tutorial video of FL STUDIO MOBILE: it is worth it. Also, as you can imagine, YouTube is full of tutorials and people sharing their productions and creative process. So, get acquainted! Beyond that, you can also read their entire manual to master the app. However, since we know that reading manual is not as fun as creating beats, we are going to list below the main features you have to be aware of to enjoy the app to the fullest.

Check it out:

1. High-quality Synthesizer

Advanced Sound Creation with high-quality synthesizers and samples. We are not talking about the beat of those old electric keyboards you used to have when you were a child. We are talking about tracks that will sound just like the professional ones when played in the speakers for your friends!

2. Save and Export your work

After you are done, you can save your work. Export is available in the following export formats, most of them playable on mobile devices:

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • MIDI

3. The Step Sequencer

The Step Sequencer is a fast percussion programming solution. Each square in the network represents a hit in one percussion instrument. No need to understand advanced music notation to use it: it is highly intuitive!

You can set which beats you want to feature on your mix. They can range from kicks, snares, hats, and many more. Sliding up the lower menu you can also set the hit’s velocity, pan, and pitch (whether it is higher or lower).

4. Mixing options

You can set per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan, and volume adjustment for each track to personalize your mixes the way you want. Only experimenting with those will teach you how to master them, so go ahead!

5. Project Sharing

You get to easily synchronize your work between 3 devices per installation over your network.

6. Touch controllers

Touch controllers: everything in the reach of a click. The virtual piano-keyboard feature is configurable, and you can play it while recording the track. If you know your way around synthesizers and keyboards, this means you have infinite possibilities with FL STUDIO MOBILE.

Drum pads work in the same way. Instead of programming each sequence with clicks, you can play using the pads in the lower part of the screen.

7. Effects

The Effects available in this version of FL STUDIO MOBILE:

  • Auto Ducker
  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Distortion
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • Flanger
  • Reverb
  • High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters
  • Delays
  • Phaser

8. Real performance solutions: MIDI Control, Audio recording, and Piano Roll.

The FL STUDIO MOBILE offers great solutions to link the real world to your electronic bets. You can play instruments and link to knobs and sliders on the mobile app, recording your performance to enrich your creations. The audio recording will be useful to capture live performances. You can capture your friends playing and singing, or maybe live performances to feature in your beats. The Piano Roll feature lets you enter notes and chords in the track manually. It is also possible to edit recorded performances.

9. Flexible Interface

The FL STUDIO MOBILE app works with all screen resolutions and sizes from phone to TV. FL STUDIO MOBILE app also works as a native Free Plugin Version for the standard FL Studio environment. if you are a professional and already work with the full environment, the app can open you new possibilities to edit your track while on mobile.

How to Download the Free FL STUDIO MOBILE

FL STUDIO MOBILE is available for Android, iOS, and even Windows Phones. Note that this is not a free app. You have to purchase FL STUDIO MOBILE for $15, making it one of the most accessible production environments available in the market. Well, maybe you are not in the industry and just want to enjoy the app with your friends for a couple of days or so. Maybe, you want to know first if you got what it takes to be in the music industry. Anyway, you might not be in a situation where paying for eh app is an option.

The alternative is to download the modified Apk file to install FL STUDIO MOBILE for free on your device. The only difference from installing a regular mobile app is that the Apk file needs to get special permission from the user. Just go through the installation process and the system will notify you when to allow the installation of unknown apps. Any doubts, leave a comment! We hope you liked the post! If you have ever tried the FL STUDIO MOBILE or if you are using it professionally, please, share your thoughts! Leave a comment below! See you the next time!



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