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Fitify Mod APK – Free Workout App for Full Body Fitness. Get personalized plans, and video tutorials & build muscle or lose weight at home! No gym is required!

  • Pro/Paid features unlocked


Fitify PRO APK is the app for you if you want to get in shape without going to the gym. You can exercise anytime, anywhere with this app thanks to detailed video tutorials from top fitness experts. Does this pique your interest? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this app.

Introducing to Fitify

Fitify is a full-body workout app that can help you lose weight, burn calories, and gain muscle. With over 900 instructional videos, you’ll never get bored with your fitness routine. Without the use of any aids, you can practice anywhere, at any time.

To get a personalized plan, start by determining your height, weight, and end goal. Then, based on your experience, goal, and time constraints, create a training plan. For the best results, each workout is customized to your fitness level.

You can also use the workout builder to create your workout. Choose from over 850 exercises to create your personalized workout. Once inside the app, you can select the one that appeals to you the most and begins the training process.

Fitify PRO APK

  • Detailed tutorials

One of the many benefits of using this tool is that all of the exercises in a routine come with a brief explanation that helps you understand how the movement works. Furthermore, you will be accompanied by a video during your daily sessions, allowing you to progress with the help of a virtual teacher and correctly repeat the exercises, avoiding incorrect movements and potential injuries.

  • Various exercises

Fitify also has the advantage of allowing you to select exercises with various sporting equipment, in case you have any at home, allowing you to get the training program that best matches your equipment. Overall, this app adapts to your needs practically and straightforwardly, allowing you to get a complete workout while also adjusting to your needs daily.

  • Built-in Calendar

Do you want to make it a habit to exercise? If that’s the case, Fitify’s built-in calendar can come in handy. You can keep track of your fitness progress, set up daily notifications, and keep your streak going this way!

  • Make your workouts unique to you

You can customize your workout and training plans with the Fitify app based on your experience, time, and goal. You can create various types of plans for your various body areas by using this feature. The app will give you a lot of ideas for creating strategies for each body part, and these strategies will help you lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle.

  • Challenges of various levels

For those who want to be extremely active, the Fitify app offers a variety of challenges of varying levels. Experts carry out these challenges by their workout plans. Upper, lower, advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels will be assigned to all challenges. In addition, the app provides each user with a nutrition pack that includes specific information.

  • Keep track of your progress

The Fitify app tracks all of your activities and achievements, so you can see your progress history. In every report, the app will show you the most accurate result for whatever activity you did, such as simple exercises or plans.

Download the latest version of Fitify PRO APK at TechToDown

Fitify PRO APK

If we need to go into more detail, Fitzy’s Pro version is now available for a small fee. However, by downloading the Fitify PRO APK latest version for your Android, you can ignore the price point. This is unquestionably a significant advantage of downloading these apps directly from our website. MOD features: 

  • Pro / Paid features unlocked
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services
  • No active trackers or advertisements
  • Full Multi Languages

FAQs about Fitify PRO APK

Question 1: Does the Fitify App Cost Money?

  • The Fitify app is available for download and use at no cost. However, the Pro version includes some features such as a training plan, expert advice, and a video coach, and it is a subscription-based version.

Question 2: Does this app work well on all Android devices?

  • Sadly no. This Pro app is only compatible with Android devices running the operating system of Android 4.2 or later.

Final words

Are you planning to begin a workout routine to achieve your ideal body? Then you’ll most likely need a fitness app to help you maximize the effectiveness of each exercise. Fitify PRO APK is what you’re looking for. Right now, you can get it for free at TechToDown.


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