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If you have your kids and are looking for the right methods to raise and take care of them, we will introduce a useful application to support you that is Find My Kids Premium APK. An app that allows you to set up location tracking to control the location and ensure your child’s safety. Continue reading to find out what the app does and how it works easily on your Android phone.

What is Find My Kids Premium APK?

Introducing to Find My Kids Premium APK

Find My Kids is a location tracker software that you can use it to set up a family GPS tracker to instantly locate your kids when they start using advanced smartphones. With the app, you can keep track of your children’s present positions on the map, as well as their location history.

Find My Kids Premium APK

Find My Kids is a location tracker software

You can easily monitor and hear what’s going on around your child. Your child can also actively communicate with you or even send SOS signals if necessary. The app has many useful and intelligent features, will ensure that your entire family is secure and connected at all times.

What is special in Find My Kids Premium APK?

Find My Kids is available for free on Google Play for you to download. To use all features of the app, you have to pay the premium charges for the full version of the app. If you want to use all of its features without paying anything, download right now this Find My Kids Premium APK from our website. We provide you with a customized version of the app with license activation disabled. You can easily download and use this free and unlocked app.

Why Find My Kids Premium APK is useful?

With the application’s smart features in ensuring family safety, supporting you in taking care of your children, the application is so useful for you because of the following reasons:

Find out what your kids are doing

You have to work at your office all day, and you wonder what activities your child has during the day. This app will help you keep track of where they’ve been. You can keep track of the places your kids have visited, or track them in real-time because your kids’ devices will always send your latest data through a sophisticated map.

Find My Kids Premium APK Download

You will see what your children are up to on their phones when they are in school or performing other crucial duties. This will prevent the kids from becoming readily sidetracked by their smart devices.

Listen around your children

The app has the Listen In feature that helps you to listen in on your children’s surroundings. This feature will cause the device’s microphone to be turned on invisibly, and any recordings or sounds will be sent to you. So, you are aware of everything that is going on around your child and make sure your children are safe.

Send notifications to your kids quickly

Thanks to the alert feature, you can monitor the status of their children’s phones or smartwatches to ensure that the gadgets are operational. You can easily inform your children when their gadgets’ batteries are running low so that they can recharge them on time. In addition, you can also customize the system to notify when your children engage in negative behavior or approach restricted regions in the data.

Announce calls with a loud signal

Surely, your children will have times when they are busy playing and not paying attention to the phone. You call them and get no response. With the useful feature of this app, you can now enable the loud signal on their phones or other smart devices.

Find My Kids Premium APK Download Free

Even if the devices are set to silent mode, the software will send out loud notifications to help your children locate their misplaced phones or pick up your calls. That’s amazing.

FAQs about Find My Kids Premium APK

  • Question 1: To use Find My Kids, do my children’s phones need an internet connection?

Yes. Your children’s phones will need to have an internet connection to using the app. So, you can keep track of their activities, where your kids are and send notifications to them.

  • Question 2: Is Find My Kids Premium APK free to download and use?

Yes. You can use all features of the app for free by installing this apk on our website Techtodown.


That’s all about Find My Kids Premium Apk. With the app, you can complete confidence in your children’s safety. You can use useful features of the app to keep track of your address and set up adequate parental restrictions on their smart devices.


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