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Role-playing games, or RPGs, have been dominating the world for the last few years. The last time you played one, you missed out on a lot of adventures that everyone else was having. It seems as though although we all used to play them, no one does anymore. Nostalgia is setting in, and it seems that going back and playing is the best thing we can do.


In this day and age, a lot of different genres of games are popular, but RPGs are still a household name. Final Fantasy has always been the most popular RPG series among gamers. Curious about this game? The War of the Visions FFBE is a spin-off game of Brave Exvius. It was just released but has already garnered over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

About the game War of the Visions FFBE

The War of the Visions is set in the Elven Kingdom in the Adra Continent. It takes place hundreds of years before the Brave Exvius and revolves around a legendary crystal that can alter everything in the whole continent. In this game, you’ll have to fight your way through an all-out war against all of the countries. With no common enemy or allies, you’ll all be trying to dominate the continent. The game uses a turn-based fight system popular with many other games. There are a lot of features to take note of here such as strategic ones and elemental types of units. A key to winning is understanding how to strategize and execute. In this game, you work with other players to complete quests and duels. You can also use the auto-battle feature to hasten the speed of battles. Overall, this game provides excitement for beginners to pros. It has multiple things to explore and a quest for a warrior to conquer.


Check out the War of the Visions FFBE game features

For experienced Final Fantasy players, this game will be a breeze. However, those newer to the franchise might find themselves lost with all the elements. Luckily, this game offers too much for a beginner to take in at once. Here are the features are broken down so that they can be understood more easily:

Organize an exciting match

This game incorporates turn-based fighting with 3D graphics. The key to success in battle is to devise new strategies so that you can win each fight. You will need different strategies for each battle as they are all different from one another. You can also use the auto-battle function, which speeds up the battle to help beginners learn. One key aspect of this game is the Limit Burst feature, which lets you perform powerful attacks on your opponents. Espers will also support attackers from the back with their powers. This should make for a very exciting game.

Simple nature of work

In this game, there are jobs. You can earn them by training your units with the job system. Each unit has an elemental affinity that is particularly useful against certain enemies. You should study and strategize the job system to have a significant advantage in battle. It is one of the key aspects of this game!

Complete quests quickly

War of the Visions also contains other quests aside from the Story Quests. These quests come in the form of World Quests and Event Quests that you can complete. There are over 200 unique quests, and you can collect different materials by completing these quests. They include items you cannot find anywhere else!

No two quests are the same! You need to employ different strategies based on the difficulty level or your quest. But overall, it’s a very satisfying experience and a great alternative to the main quests!


Live sound

What do some players think of the sound quality of a game? The sound quality is one of the things that define a game. Some players may say it’s not important, but others would disagree. You can never have too good of a sound system, right? War of the Visions is more than a game. It features a cinematic soundtrack and voice acting done in English and Japanese by professionals. It is the best way to experience the authentic anime experience for any fan.

Create diverse characters

In this game, you’ll meet new and familiar faces! Leonis is split in two by an ancient feud between twin princes who rule. The War of the Visions is a lasting theme throughout the game, as it symbolizes a fight between different classes. Make sure to take note of which class you choose! The characters in this game are very interesting to explore. They have their strengths and weaknesses, so your job is to strategize around that. The job system is a good way to capitalize on their strengths and be strategic about how you use them.

Beautiful graphics

War of the Visions is a game in which graphics is not an objective. The graphics are simple, yet effective; they do not need to be impressive as this game is turn-based. Most modern games rely on high-quality graphics, but War of the Visions does not. It just works: the simplicity and turn-based format make it a strong option for gamers.

Check out tips to help you play better

Whether you have played an FFBE game before or not, War of the Visions might be confusing. However, if you are familiar with the Final Fantasy games, it is easy to get the hang of. In this article, I will provide some tips that will make it easier for first-time players: In this game, the cards are key. You will need higher agility cards to have more turns on the game. These are some characters you should pick: Sterne Leonis, Thancred Waters, Irene, Federica, and Ziza.

Download the full Mod version here


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