Fantasy Life Online MOD APK v1.7.2 (High Damage) Download

November 14, 2022
1.7 GB
5.0 and up
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What’s more fun than exploring the world and meeting new people? With Fantasy Life Online, you can play your very own character in this popular Japanese console game by LEVEL-5. Engage with other players through various lives to experience all sorts of adventures!

Introducing Fantasy Life Online

Long ago, Reverie was a place of beauty and abundance. However, its inhabitants had little chance for success due to the harsh terrain that surrounded them- until one day when a mysterious ark appeared amongst rolling clouds!

Fantasy Life Online MOD APK Download

A goddess descended from up high with such radiant power she attracted every eye in sight; even those living far away knew exactly who this newcomer meant business With her came knowledge about how each life could be made better than before and soon enough people listened as word spread fast just like fire does among dry grass: there might still exist something worth waiting patiently towards at long last.

You are the one who has been chosen by God to be His Envoy. Your mission is not an easy task, but if you succeed in preventing Abnormities from happening all around the world then people will have hope again and they can restore their fantasy life with happiness!

Explore the features of the game Fantasy Life Online

Transform freely to shape 12 kinds of life!

There are three different categories in this game, which can be divided into 12 sub-lives. These include Fighter (who fights), Gatherer (hands supply), and Manufacturer sublime that makes tools for combat or gathering needs.

Different lives are like a web of connections that can’t be ignored. You need to explore every option for your character’s development to find happiness, no matter what Life you’re on!

The player can switch to different Life during the game under various circumstances at any time.

Trial of Stars: Upgrade your skills and become a Master.

While each Life can be upgraded through Trial of Stars, which will also reward you with Appearance Suits. New skills are learned after upgrading a character and they won’t lose any previously learned ones when changing between Lives – making it easy for players who enjoy experimenting or just want more combinations!

Live your life as you want

You can be the hero who saves this world, an explorer with professional skills, or just someone working in their village. You are free to explore three different gameplays- Adventure mode where you’ll experience life as a whole; Field Search which is similar to building mini puzzles out there while searching for items on your journey and Village owner allows players to customize everything they see inside!

Fantasy Life Online MOD APK android

Play Solo or friendly with friends online

What is Co-op Mode? It’s a way to play the game with friends, or go on adventures by yourself. You can team up in different modes and have fun!

Build your village and have fun

  • Design your own village and invite friends over to visit!
  • The whole village is like a gem in the woods. Materials gathered during your adventures can be used to build it up!
  • After construction, you can gather materials to cook up some new recipes and forge weapons here. You’ll also be able to upgrade your character with the items that are crafted in this area!
  • Sharing your home with friends is a great way to make new memories.

Thrilling combat & epic adventure

  • The new chapter of the story is now available. The Main Story, which has been updated to Chapter 4 can be played on an anime-style background with characters wearing cute outfits!
  • The map is a vast, interconnected world where you can explore and challenge enemies to make your way forward. There are many materials hidden throughout the land that will help me on my journey if I find them!
  • One of the many interesting areas which you can explore is an area known as “Open Maps.” This vast landscape has pitfalls and rewards for those who dare to venture into its treacherous territory.

New players receive a gift: Adventure Festival

Log in and complete quests, gain event-exclusive points that can be used to buy cool stuff. levels up your character with new items!


Being a hero is not about having superpowers. It’s about being brave and stepping up when others need help. That’s why we love playing Fantasy Life Online – because it lets us be the heroes of our own lives. If you’re looking for an immersive and challenging gaming experience, we highly recommend checking out Fantasy Life Online. Plus, with our Fantasy Life Online mod, you can transform into powerful heroes that can take on any challenge! So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and start your adventure!

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